Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mmm... College.

Well I'm fairly happy at the moment. I'm in college and it's my Tuesday 2 hour break (yay), still got one and a half hours to go. Managed to type up/complete my history homework (due tomorrow), finished my psych essay yest, got a little maths homework to do, an alcohol leaflet (for tutorial - why? how is this particularly useful in later life?) and I've basically caught up in Computing (YAY! Was so bogged down with work and feeling totally crap before). So life is fairly good.
The psychology essay was interesting, if a little disturbing. Did it on the psychodynamic model (Sigmund Freud - loved the quote from Paula: "Maybe he sniffed too much; you decide" - sums it up quite well methinks)
Seriously, I have to say that I never imagined the time I would use the phrase "penis envy" in a college essay...
Lol, psychology rocks though. I really don't understand how anyone could find it uninteresting, though I do totally understand that it's really hard to get good marks - Psych, my lowest grade, only scraped a C. Ech, essays. But I think this one is pretty good, gotta hand it in today.
So yeah.
Why is college taking over my life?
Also, my pencil case broke in computing (ironic) so I may have to go and get another one from Tescos if they have any cheap ones... yeah.
My mood has certainly improved since yesterday...

Yesterday: Brain-dead, tired, melancholy, murderous (isn't that a fun cycle!)
Today: Mmm... calm, tired, but brain working! (ish)

Psychology next! 12 o'clock. After that is lunch. After that is History. After that is Maths.
Isn't my life exciting (I almost wrote something more along the lines of: extincting, so that pretty much sums it up)

Hmmmmm... ... ... zZZ...

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