Sunday, March 11, 2007

Myspace bulletin - "American Idiot"

Myspace bulletin I reposted:

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.


1. What does next year have in store for me?
Through the valley - Lex Buckley
Mmm... I sense troubles ahead

2.What does your love life look like?
Precious Illusions - Alanis Morissette
Oh so true.

3. What do I say when life gets hard?
Come Away with me - Norah Jones
Lol, I wish

4. What do I think when I get up in the morning?
I love my lips - Stevenson (Veggie Rocks)
My lips are great... *raises eyebrow*

5. What song will I dance to at my wedding?
I put a spell on you - Nina Simone
Aaah! I must not really love them or they must not love me then! Oh crap...

6. What do you want as a career?
Respect - Aretha Franklin

7. What’s your favorite saying?
Minority - Green Day
One of the few which made little sense... :)

8. Favorite place?
All that I want - Lex Buckley

9. What do you think of your parents?
I'm so blue - Paul Colman (Veggie Rocks)
Lol, this isn't true

10. Where would you go on a first date?
Symbol of a lost cause - Ginny Owens
This is very promising...

11. Drug of choice?
Over the rainbow - Eva Cassidy
Well... it works...

12. Describe yourself:
Hope - Lex Buckley

13. What is the thing you like doing most?
I wanna be moved - Ginny Owens

14. The song that best describes the president?
Always - Saliva
Lol, the question is - always what?

15. What is my state of mind like at the moment?
Genie in a bottle - Christina Aguilera (backing track)
Heh, so that would be what? Inhuman?

16. How will I die?
How do I live - Leann Rimes
Rather amused by this one actually.

17. Views on religion?
Promised land - Sanctus Real (Veggie Rocks)

18. Views on global warming?
I will always love you - Whitney Houston
Surely this should be under the next one!
I <3 Global Warming?

19. Views on love?
Deciphering me - Brooke Fraser

20. What is the purpose of life?
Thank You - Dido
Again, true.

21. The scariest thing in life is?
Gaze upon your beauty - Lex Buckley
It is true.

22. Views on World History?
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
Lol, excellent. Though I'm not sure that Hitler was beautiful...

23. The thing you find most annoying in the world?
His Cheeseburger - Tait (Veggie Rocks)
Again, surely the next one?

24. Favourite food?
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Mmm... Crunchy

25. The song you'll put as the subject??
American Idiot - Green Day
The End.

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