Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Yep, mother's day has rolled around. Bought my mummy 2 plain black tops she asked for and also drew her a pic-a-ture of her :). And then today was 'helping out' (i.e. doing my own thing) with the craft morning with the kids at church. So I glitter-glued korus onto a glass photo frame and made a magnet (pink and white star patterned paper with a crepe paper 'L' on it - behind a plastic square). And in Church we also got to give our mums (and any other female people) flowers, so I did that too. I gave those to my mum today after church :D, she told me I should do a gigantic painting of her so she could stick it on her wall, lol. However I need more acrylic paints. I need more anyway, lol.
Mmm.. painting.

So yeah, happy mother's day to all you mother's out there. And all you other people.
Thanks to those who are 'proud' to call me mother (e.g. Dan - myspace msged me :P, Tannya and Kat who have called me 'mummy hazel' for quite a long time methinks.) Yeah.
Much love.

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