Monday, September 18, 2006

New Zealand!

YES! I'm going to New Zealand at Christmas!!
Strangely though, it hasn't had quite as much of an affect on me as I would've thought. If this has happened last year or the year before I would have been much more excited. Now I'm sort of in a much calmer position. Perhaps I will be more excited as it gets closer.
I think maybe this is the position I was supposed to be in.
I was so obsessed with going to NZ that it sort of became something I really really thought would be the ideal most amazing thing to happen. Which of course isn't true. I think maybe God wanted me to get over that stage, there were so many things that stood in the way of me going back that I began to think that maybe I wasn't supposed to be going at all and got rather confused. But now I think actually is the right time. I'm not so confused about it anymore, I don't have a strange need to go and I've sorted out most of my feelings and reasons for going.
So I'm really happy about it. And also I don't mind so much that I'm only going for 9 days because I know I have to get back and study for my January exams, nyer, lol.
So I really hope Sarah isn't going away for Christmas! Or I shall have to steal her back.
Will be spending Xmas with Relatives in NZ and will be spending most of my other time with Sarah probs. Unfortunately I won't be with all my family at Christmas :( (Me and Dad are going to NZ, Mum and Carol are staying here -since it's really expensive and Dad's only going this soon to fix pipes at our first house -well my first house- and I'm only going because they knew how desperate I've been to go these last 4 years lol). So yeah, I think we should have to have a second Christmas.
Ooh... have to think about what to do for my birthday, will have to figure something out - we're leaving the day after my birthday - Sunday 17th, get there 19th... straight trip, gonna be so jet-lagged...
Yeah, so all in all, today has been very interesting and made me rather happy :).

Quickly, other events of this week: Talked to Samuel for about half an hour today which was quite cool since I've really not spoken to him for ages, and I've not really properly spoken to him ever..., Got more pretty fineliners from WHSmith, they're great :D - Got them since I've lost my 2 favourite colours of the ones I've already got, Did my Psychology test, awaiting results, it wasn't too bad though I was revising so much over the weekend!, Bought a beautiful new necklace & earrings set from Dorothy Perkins, same one as Carol was given by Lucie except it's mine so I don't need to worry about breaking hers if she lent it to me! Was £6 and is v. sophisticated and vaguely glam. And... I can't remember anything else (that was all from today rather than this week but yeah), bad short term memory.
Gotta love you and leave you now, lots of time so little to do, or something like that...

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