Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paper making

is very fun :D. Was making paper with Carol today. First you've got to leave the shredded paper to soak for a few hours then do various things like mash it and squeeesh it and then we used a food processor to mush it and then mix it with water, seive it out, squish it, put it on cloth carefully, and then decorate it! (We used glitter, some sequins, leaves, also some white tissue paper with stuff stamped on - fairies and hearts -, the with tissue paper sort of... dissolved, and left a lovely picture as if we'd stamped straight onto the wet mush - but with far better results) Now we've got to leave it to dry for... I dunno, I think we're leaving it overnight and then ironing it. Yeah...
Also today went to the craft shop, got a diamante type iron on thing that says 'Wicked' (but in a really styley font and stuff), so will probs iron that onto one of my t-shirts some time... Also have done a t-shirt yest which I wore today - cut out a stencil with a craft knife (Rather difficult...) and then fabric painted it on to the t-shirt, it says 'Maybe it's just Epistemophobia'. Fantabulous. Might wear it on Thurs to get my results, like it very muchly :).
So yeah, today good. Right now, life is pretty good ;).

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