Sunday, August 27, 2006


Well, haven't managed to blog since I got my results til now. I'm reasonably happy with them. 2 A*s (plus the Maths A* from last year), 2 As, 5 Bs and a C. Mum and Dad were saying that maybe I would have got more As if I spent less time on Art and maybe I should have... But I probably wouldn't have managed to get an A in Art if I'd done that... Yeah, anyway.
So yeah, results recieved, enrollment next week and school the week after! Holidays are going quick. Bit nervous about starting at College but I'm sure I'll cope.
Still have no idea what I want to do when I grow up though I am getting the the 'grown up' stage fairly quickly... pity; lol.
Things I'd love to do but will probably never go for: Website design, Some sort of experienced Art thing - for films type of thing, e.g. Weta Workshop type stuff -, Experienced Animation/Visual effects, Acting/Singing (This one is a pretty much definate 'will never do') and Fashion design (Ditto, because I'm not too inventive).
Yeah, a lot of them seem to be to do with Art, I really don't know... I think I might end up coming back to these sometime along the line but I don't think I can do them now as I'm not planning to do Art A-level *sigh*.
Well, what I'm probably going to do is go on to Uni and do Accounting. I've been advised towards this since Accountants are always needed and it pays well. Plus I think I probably would enjoy it.
I've figured out that I think I'm a bit more creative than imaginative, I can take something and rearrange it, add ideas inspired by previous memories and other things I've seen but I find it quite hard to have completely original imaginative ideas for things.
Perhaps that's why I'm not really going for the whole Art thing. If I didn't want to do so many subjects than maybe I would choose Art but hey, all is decided now. I mean, not really til enrollment but I am set against doing Art even if I would be interested in it...

Things I would like to do sometime if my life allows:
1. Learn Chinese
2. Take an advanced Art course and do some sort of work in that area for a time
3. Learn more advanced HTML/XHTML/CSS etc. and make my own fantastic website from scratch
4. Go back to playing the piano/learn the stuff I've forgotten again and advance
5. Learn more to do with singing and music, possibly learn another musical instrument? - maybe violin, I did try it for a year but remember nothing now, or guitar...

So yeah, my career options are well and truly muddled.


Tash said...

yaaaayyy well done for results!! It doesnt matter that you don't know what you want to be when your all grown up coz i think outta our whole group I'm probz like the only one who does know... so it's not as if your alone with your worries....meh i've gotta go make my sandwiches for work 2moro...ciao xxxx

Hazelnut said...

lol, ty :) Congrats on yours results too!