Saturday, July 01, 2006

Belles of the ball (oh yeah, and the guys)

Lol, Prom was yesterday night and it was great! I took quite a few pictures but will still have to buy the CD from school as I didn't take pictures of absolutely everyone. Didn't do much all day yest til like 5.30 when I changed into my top, Carol did my hair and make up and then got all my other stuff on - skirt, shrug and yeah - got my bag and left. Got to Hayley's about 6.35-ish, was really nervous bout the prom, not quite sure why... So we took loads of pictures, Tash had a bit of a crisis when she dropped a bit of her drink down her dress but that got all sorted out and she looked lovely :). Then there was the whole limo thing, limo had over heated, they were sending another one etc. and so eventually, a rude limo driver and a short while later we got to the prom an hour late, well hey, loads of other people were still to arrive. The prom was a whirl of gorgeous girls in dresses, formal guys, food, drink and dancing. Lots of dancing. In stilletto heels. Most of the girls were going 'ow' once in a while as their feet stopped being numb for a second, lol. But that was great, well right til the end when loads of people made a circly thing and jumped up and down moving towards us and some girl stabbed me with her stilletto but nevermind. Then me, Tash and Jodie went to the front desk, Tash got the guy to call a taxi for us and off we went again. Got to Sams, spent lots of time chatting to various people but the majority chatting to Dan, ate drank, nicked a bit of Dans alcohol, confirmed that it tasted like gummi bears mixed with alcohol. A bit later about 20 or more people turned up who weren't invited and weren't allowed in, got a bit rowdy but it turned out ok - it was people who were supposed to be at other after parties which had been cancelled and so they wanted to gatecrash - but yeah, as I said all turned out ok. Then I had to go at 2.30am-ish, straight home, removed mass of headpins, brushed teeth and straight to bed.

So overall it was definately a fantastic end to school!


Tash said...

Lol, the whole champagne incident was not big and certainly not clever- trust me to do it eh!! Certainly was a night which won't be forgotten-for a long long time... Btw I loved your top, i can't even sew a button on!!! xXX

ski said...

wow death by stiletto... that could've been interesting! i got 30 hair pins out of mine! u looked amazingly awesomely beautiful m'dear. i wish i could've bottled you up! ah well, i have pics

Hazelnut said...

oooh thankies :)