Saturday, June 17, 2006

On a normal note...

Totally failed physics exam on Fri, but everyone thinks they have too so it's not so bad. How am I supposed to know that the people who search for alien radio waves are called SETI? *sigh* Nevermind, I'll have to just try harder on my last two exams - RE - Sikhism and Statistics, nyer.

Ditched the food/exercise and all that plan, actually forgot to get it from the printer, nevermind. Am eating healthier, feeling healthier, walking more, it's good :). Not really revising though, need to do a bit before the last two exams. Ooh, yes, I've now learnt to make spinach lasagne which is DELICIOUS, mmmmm... And also discovered a liking for cottage cheese which is healthy and very nice :).

Hmm... Since I like the spinach lasagne so much I think I'll write a recipe here so other people can know the lovelyness of it :).

My -very precise- recipe for Spinach lasagne

8 blocks frozen spinach (they're frozen in lumps)
400g (ish) of cottage cheese
1 egg
grated cheese (however much you want)
lasagne sheets
Something other if you like, to make another layer, Carol (who taught me this recipe) likes adding tomatoey stuff (plumed tomatoes mixed with various stuff like bits of onion and herbs etc).

Preheat oven to about 200°C. Defrost spinach in a bowl. Put a thin-ish rough layer of spinach on the bottom of the dish you're using (use your fingers, easier than a fork or whatever). Mix cottage cheese, egg and about a handful of grated cheese in a bowl. Put a thin-ish layer of the cheesy mixture on top of the spinach. Lay a sheet of lasagne sheets on top of this (break to fit). Add another layer if y0u want one - a simple layer of sliced tomatoes or an oniony plumed tomato sort of saucy thing, whatever you like - I stick to the layer of sliced tomatoes. Layer various things (including lasagne sheets) until you fill the dish. Cover the top with cheese (can be on top of a lasagne sheet or on top of a filling). Put in the oven for about 40 minutes. Check on it, see that it's cooked. Eat it.

NB: If you put the cheese on top of the lasagne sheets I'd recommend putting a really tiny bit of cottage cheese/something with moisture on the sheets with it so it doesn't burn, not sure if it would but yeah, that's what I did and it turned out nicely though the top lasagne sheets were a bit crunchy.

Mmmmm... lasagne.


ski said...

When I come to Chez Hazel next, you will have to make it for me... (pretty please) I can't try cooking it!! I burn water!!

Tash said...

yum spinach...I'm like lil miss healthy mosta the time so spinach lasagne sounds tres yummy! oh by the way this is tash lol i signed upto this but still don't realy know how to use it!! xXX

Tash said...

ohh! It says my name anyways! Thats clever!! xXx my website thingy is tinytashy.blogspot...
yay :D

ski said...

hehe tash you're so cute