Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Spent all day yesterday shopping. Was good fun. Got stuff for my art prep work which is good although I don't have my A1 board. What is an A1 board anyway, any ideas? A1 size, yes. But board? Canvas on board? (I assume not) or a large piece of wood? I am confused. May call the 'art hotline'. Anyway, bought my prom outfit yesterday which is nice, sorted. It's a velvet top and skirt, I never particularly liked velvet but this is quite nice. Bought the Sims 2 Nightlife expansion pack which should be fun to explore. Going to listen to a brass band play (which includes Carol's boyfriend and friend). Going to wear odd hats today. Carol got a fantastic jingly green jesters hat which she'll wear today and she's offered me a blue sequinny santa hat or a silver one to wear today. May well do. Why not, lol.

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