Saturday, December 24, 2005

Busy Bee

I am a busy bee. Well according to Daniel I am Bee anyway so yeah, now I'm a real busy bee. I've got so much to do these next two weeks. Yesterday spent playing Sims 2 Nightlife, Doing lots of artwork (Well not that much, 2 pages of art research for my mock prep work - on Frida Kahlo, then presented it), wrote Sarah a letter, survey and card, went to town - library, put money in the bank for my sister, bought stuff to display my art research, bought Sarah a little present, then back home to wrap christmas presents and write any left over cards, back out again to post Sarah's letter. Then SLEEP.
Today I've not done that much, made Carol's card, stuck it on her present, 2 more pages of art research, not yet presented but I do have the materials to do so - this time on Elisabeth Louise Vigée LeBrun, love her 'self portrait in a straw hat'. Going to play risk with Dad and Carol soon. Oh yes, also today I had my nails painted red :) Very christmassy or something. CHRISTMAS IN 2 DAYS!! :o
I have all my days planned out of stuff I must do - revision and LOTS OF ART STUFF - up until two weeks after christmas *sigh*

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