Saturday, December 17, 2005

Still my birthday...

Just a bit later. Today so far hasn't been too bad. Went to school, had fun in tutorial messing about and taking photos with my mates. Half an hour of vaguely sciency games in Science. An hour of netball, during which Aimee threw the ball (accidently) at my head and Nome whacked me (again accidently) in the eye with her flinging hand. I had to go and get an ice pack but the throbbing in my cheek bone soon went away. Then an hour of ICT - worst subject of the day. The Zen told me off for my jingly earrings, having my gift bag on the table and asked "Do you have anything on your face?" (to which I answered "No", she must be blind if she thinks I was wearing make up! - and later thought 'Well I have a nose on my face...') So that wasn't the best lesson. Then we had assembly which was alright, I won a football and all the boys were going 'Hazel you're great' and 'Can I have your football?'. Rather amusing. Tonight I'm going out with my parents to dinner and we're gonna go see Flightplan so it should be cool. Tomorrow I'm having a sleepover with Tannya and Kat which will be fun :D.

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