Sunday, January 01, 2006


An A1 board is an A1 sized piece of hard cardboard. Good good, that's sorted now I just need to sort out what I'm actually gonna get on there :S. Bought various DVDs recently, none particularly interesting. Hopefully will buy Princess Diaries 2 tonight or sometime soon. Hehe, my digital camera arrived yesterday :D been exploring the wonders of odd pictures. Lots of fun, very good camera too. My own camera hehe, Kodak v530, for about £157 or something, have yet to pay dad as he bought it over the internet for me. Luckily I don't have to buy myself a memory card, my parents are very nicely going to buy me one :). So overall I've spent a large portion/over half of my savings... I need to get a bank account sometime, now not sure if it's worth it. Hmm... I'm rather crap at the whole saving thing, I've been saving money (in £s anyway) for three years and now I've just spent more than I would ever want to... but it was worth it I think, lovely digital camera :). Still lots of work - my day today had only one thing planned, one study of a picasso self portrait. Did that soon after I woke up (bout 11am, lol) and then ended up tidying and cleaning for £7.50 which I will soon use to buy a DVD - as previously mentioned -. Today has been reasonably productive, lots of singing, bit of art and Sims 2 playing and little fresh air.

Happy New Years Eve!

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