Thursday, December 01, 2005


Always tired. I am. Truly, always tired, that's me. Can't stand stats at the mo, doing my head in, ech! Got bad headaches recently but other than that am pretty good. Got a bit of hmk done today - progress. Gotta go shopping tomorrow, and go to library. Longing for the old NZ library I used to go to, didn't appreciate it when I had it, missing it now. The library here is rather small and doesn't have many books I'd like to read! Re-reading Immortals quartet - Tamora Pierce. Gotta buy them sometime... Will borrow them from the library... at least they have the whole Immortals series and Tricksters choice there. Gotta love Tamora Pierce books. Wanna read: Tricksters Queen, Rest of Circle of Magic and the Circle Opens quartets. *sigh*, don't think my work's at a very good standard recently, oh well. Will feel better in the morning. Hmm... Birthday's coming up! hehe. and Christmas. Singing alto to Silent Night and Jingle Bell Rock at school thingy. MNAR!


ski said...

I can play Jingle bells on the keyboard and we wsih you a merry xmas, but without chords yet. Working on it so I can play it on our piano when we move house.

Hazelnut said...

lol, coolies (as kat would say)