Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pretty Good

Day this was. I went to a college interview, was encouraged not to go to that college, can't do 5 subjects there - only 4 so I have now decided not to go there but to go to the college I really wanted to go to anyway. Which is good - made the decision easier. Then had ARD and complained a little, found out my tutor is getting married again and leaving us at Christmas! She's not going to see us leave the school :o. And she's been with us since the beginnning. Well anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to her :D. Just gone to Tescos and bought ice cream - made my day better - although I won't be eating any til another day. And got quite a lot done, tidied room (this is an amazing event for me) and got other cleaning/tidying done round the house - useful, plus I get paid :D - and... yeah. Ooo, I watched Mr and Mrs Smith too, wanted to see that for a while, it's pretty good. So pretty good day. And tomorrow I'll talk to Sarah on web cam! :D yay! Missing her v. much :(.

I learnt, today, how to tone down my absolutely so adorable (perhaps when I was little, but right now not to me) bright red cheeks with concealery stuff. Useful that. Not that I'll do it often, waste of make up, I can survive with permanently blushing cheeks :D.

Hehe, I'm probably going to NZ next year... :)


ski said...

you've only just discovered concealer? aww bless lol jokes. ur cheeks r cute! they r a part of you. don't try to cover them up.

Hazelnut said...

Lol, I knew about concealer long ago chels, I just never bothered using it. My cheeks aren't cute! They make me look like a tomato. And I am not a vege/fruit. Nevermind...