Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Depressing but Powerful

I was just going to write about a few films I've seen recently but realised there were a few things that had a bit of a 'depressing but powerful' theme running through them so thought I'd go with that instead. I haven't particularly said what the films are about, just my opinions, so I'm assuming you either know the basic plot, or can quickly look it up if you're curious - at some point I may update this post so you get a basic idea but don't have time at the moment. I've been watching a whole lot of films recently, and one that is definitely a new favourite for me is 'Never Let Me Go'. I had read the book previously and finally reserved and borrowed the film from the library. I thought the film would be able to capture the emotion of the film but I wasn't sure if it would be able to have a fully formed plot that didn't miss out anything vital. I needn't have worried, this was one occasion when I really felt like the book and film were both excellent. The bits missed out of the film that were in the book felt only like a little bit background information, filling out the world of the book, but with the visual information of the film it didn't matter that these little pieces were omitted.

I would definitely recommend both book and film, though they are very sad and emotional. I love the final scene of the film where Kathy says:
'We all complete. Maybe none of us really understand what we've lived through, or feel we've had enough time.'

Also related, Carey Mulligan who plays Kathy is such a wonderful actress, I've loved her work ever since I saw her as Sally Sparrow in Doctor Who - 'Blink' is still one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes. I think that the main trio of Never Let Me Go was perfectly cast, both as adults and children. I hadn't seen Andrew Garfield in much before, I think I'd only seen him in 'The Social Network', and that was as a very different character so I was interested to see whether he would do this well and he definitely did.

Again, on the vein of depressing films, I watched 'Changeling' the other day. I hadn't previously realised it was a true story, so when it showed that at the beginning of the film, it made it all the more powerful. You could really feel the frustration of the main character and how she was being blocked at every turn and she did come across as a very strong character though had her very emotional moments too. It's probably not one I would watch again, but I did find it most interesting the first time round. It would have been interesting to see a bit more of the police conspiracy etc. come to light but I think they tried to stick as much as possible to the true story and just hint a little with artistic license - e.g. the part where the boy who is being taken away says that it was the police that told him to say he was Walter. It wasn't really a role I would have previously thought of Angeline Jolie in but she played it very well, I think she is very good at portraying emotion through her eyes and that comes through very well in this film.

Lastly, one of my friends has become addicted to Ed Sheeran. She played this song, 'Little Lady', the other day for me and another friend to listen to and I wanted to post it on here. Note: This song includes swearing.


Anonymous said...

(hey! You blogged! :) )
Never let me go was really good. Also, I have no idea what Changeling is.

Hazelnut said...

Yeah, I always do intend to blog but don't always get around to it, lol. Changeling is the story of Christine Collins who had a son called Walter who disappeared one day and several months later the police reunite her and her son, but it isn't actually her son. The whole film is this battle of her trying to find her son while the police keep trying to convince her that he's just changed and later they try and convince everyone else she's an unfit mother and is going mad. So it's about her battle, about police corruption/conspiracy and a little bit on in the film about the 'Wineville Chicken Coop' murders (of children).

Very depressing all in all, lol.