Friday, September 30, 2011

A dash of nostalgia

Today as I was checking my e-mails I got a little pop up message asking me if I wanted to keep my password reset e-mail address the same. The e-mail address was one I haven't used in an extremely long time, though I can still access it (but hadn't for a very long time, I sort of check it about once every 2 years).
This ended up prompting me to go check that address (and check it still actually worked). Having logged in, I began to look at a few of my old e-mails and had a little nostalgia moment. That account is the first one I used after arriving in the UK, and I used it for about a year before getting a hotmail account so that I could use msn (another thing I haven't used in a long time!). So on my account I've got all these saved e-mails between me and my friends back in NZ at the beginning of it all, I was in contact with so many more people than I am now (though of course I have most of them as Facebook friends, but it's a little different from actually communicating).

I actually felt quite sad looking at those e-mails, some of them really reminded me how much I was missing NZ at the beginning and how lonely I felt. Among them were some e-mails between me and a guy who I was really good friends with and I don't quite know why we stopped e-mailing, I'm pretty sure it was quite a sudden thing. Though of course looking at all our e-mails they were never really anything that interesting or significant, though to an 11 year old I suppose they seemed more important at the time. I also came across a nasty e-mail I had pretty much forgotten about which really crapped on me while I was down, it was from a boy I used to go to school with (who is actually a Facebook friend, lol, good old Facebook).

Of course the worst thing that I found looking through those e-mails was something to do with myself. It seems I was actually one of those people who didn't type properly and used a kind of abbreviated text speak. I feel so ashamed. Luckily I was better than most, I think I did type normally quite a bit of the time but just used things like '4' and 'u' instead of 'for' and 'you'. In retrospect I think I was probably just trying to fit in a little at the time because 'everyone' typed like that, though as I got a little older I realised that it really annoyed me, so I started typing like a proper human being, lol. Ok, yes, I still use lol and a few others, but that's still a lot better!

So that was the most unfortunate realisation anyway. There was some quite nice stuff on there too, but looking at them feels quite odd, I don't quite remember being that person, I really wasn't very grown up at all but I did grow up quickly once I moved here. I was probably only like that for that year, I think when I was 12 I was starting to think a lot more like an adult and thinking everything through rationally, and by 13 I was pretty much a little grown up when it came to dealing with difficult situations. Not with my parents of course, with them I was still quite a brat throughout my teens, but with other people I think I dealt quite well.

Anywho, I just felt like a little nostalgic blog, not really interesting enough for anyone to particularly want to read it, but interesting for me to remember my 11th year.

Oh yes, I also went on myspace for the first time in a very long time (I had to reset my password as I couldn't remember what I'd used). It felt a little odd, It's changed since I last used it (as would be expected). I feel so old, lol - back in my day (oh dear), you could make your own layout and put the coding in the 'about me' box, so that's what I did, and at the time it looked really good. Now they've removed that, so now in the about me box it has all of these random things shoved together there. I couldn't be bothered to change it though as it's not really worth the effort when I never go use it. Did have a flick through some of my old pictures which felt weird, but also kind of nice.

Right, I'd better go, I need some breakfast and then got to get ready for work!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's strange to look back at who one used to be ... a surreal experience.

In a related thought, when people say "inside I still feel 18" or whatever, I think they're not seeing the whole picture. Maybe they still feel young, but they probably have a wealth of information and experiences to draw on that they didn't have then and that does change you, often quite a lot. But one doesn't tend to remember little things like being anxious about going to the post office because you weren't sure how international posting worked ...