Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just a little update...

Well, I've been quite busy so haven't really been putting anything on here. Work is slowly getting done for uni, I really need to speed up the process, but at least I'm chugging along atm rather than just being stuck.
Been attempting to create some sound for a whiteboard video I'm making atm, hopefully it'll work. Going to pop into uni in a little bit to try and get it together for my tutorial tomorrow...

Anyway, on a non-work related note (which is quite refreshing, after the few hours...), I thought I'd put up a couple of rather cool things I like :).

I saw on facebook that someone I know made Ninjabread men! Which is rather exciting. Later in the day I was browsing Firebox and came across the cutters (I hadn't been sure if she'd used cutters or not), which you can buy here.

I have looked through the images on the page, and I don't think any of them look as awesome as Helen's ones :) - see picture below (aren't they so much cooler!).

As I continued to browse Firebox I also came across this rather cool clock, which is kind of graphic arty. I want one! It's so quirky and pretty :).

Well, that's all for now... enjoy :)

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