Thursday, February 17, 2011


I totally admit I'm a big Glee fan, the story lines are quite interesting and so on, the characters fluctuate between being more and less loveable as time progresses, but the thing I really love is the music. The mash-ups are brilliant, and I really loved the way they were updating old classics in the first series. There have been fewer songs in the second series that I've loved straight away, but then again I've not seen the whole series yet.

My favourite song from the second series so far is 'Teenage Dream' (is it bad that my favourite song isn't sung by New Directions?), anywho, had to share it with you :).

One of my other favourites from this series is 'Lucky' (and aren't they cute!)

I really like Dianna Agron - she has quite a distinct voice which I really like - also, can't wait to see 'I am Number Four' which stars her and Alex Pettyfer (who I think is great too), out next week!

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