Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Exhibition stuff

In general things have been going fairly well, as mentioned in my brief post earlier I've been quite stressed as we had an exhibition opening yesterday and I've been frantically trying to figure out what to do and then get it done - there were various problems with our exhibition space (including that some members couldn't drill into surfaces due to asbestos!) but in the end we got everything sorted in time. I initially planned to show a video (possibly one that I had spent weeks creating for my second module in semester 1) but due to power restrictions in our exhibition space I decided not to do that but to create separate work for the exhibition.

I was trying to respond to the space - I ended up having two enclosed box areas created by desks a row of desks next to each other with a board over the top. There were also a number of lockers lying around that I decided to make use of.

As it is right at the beginning of semester, I hadn't begun to work on anything in particular for my general art practice. So I was a bit at a loss for what to actually create in these spaces. In the end I decided to work with doodle drawings - I've been doodling in A5 books throughout the last semester - not hugely as part of my practice but as a way of coming up with new ideas or just for a bit of fun. I decided that I wanted to paper the whole inside of one of the spaces with these doodles - I measured it out and figured out how many pieces of A4 paper it would take (I considered using rolls of paper but decided to with A4 pieces instead). The pieces ended up taking longer than I first anticipated - the photo below on the left shows my quick test with some of the drawings to see how it would look.

It took me rather a long time but I managed to make 58 A4 drawings, which covered the 4 sides (around and base), unfortunately I didn't have the time to make the other 16 I needed to cover the top. I was fairly happy with how everything turned out in the end.

For the other space I decided to work with origami. I had already created some origami butterflies and so on for an installation last semester, so decided to use some of what I already had. I didn't actually end up using that much of what I had as I limited my colours to just pink, blue and green. In the first photo below it shows the origami I brought up from my studio space with the lockers and a light that I was trying out inside one of the lockers.

Below are photos of my finished origami installation - I am quite happy with how it looked finished - I played around with the whole 'making process' - showing different stages of making. I also really liked how the lighting turned out, with the shadows of the glass - though it's not best shown in these photos as I only managed to get photos while it was still quite light out.

So that's my finished pieces. I really don't feel like it's my best work, but I made it all for the exhibition at quite short notice so I'm not too bothered about that. It feels quite amateurish, and I certainly felt like my pieces were not as impressive or interesting as many of the others that I saw that evening. I'm hoping that the next exhibition I take part in will show better work!

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