Friday, September 24, 2010

Why you shouldn't leave two Art students to decorate the lounge...

Well, I told Carol about our interesting decorations, and she said 'If it's not on the blog, it didn't happen', and I felt it would be sad if it didn't happen, so I am putting it on the blog :).

My housemate Matt and I decided to make a few improvements to our living room...

Firstly, we strung up our peg reindeer (they've been with us since last Christmas when Matt made them, now they're settling into their new home :D )

Don't they cast a pretty shadow?

Then we experimented with the furniture... I must say, Matt looks very amusing sitting on top of the bunk seats, he's rather tall and it makes him look like a giant!

We then ended up covering some of the wall in paper so we could draw on it because we felt that we needed a mantelpiece.

Notice anything odd about the clock?

We decided that we wanted to build a cardboard fort, so headed off to Tesco at about 10pm to collect some boxes to use. The finished product was more like a small shack or house, but we loved it very much :). The second image is the outside of the window on the door - Matt set up a little pulley system to open the window (which is why there's string on it...).

This one is something we are extremely proud of, lol, I drew around Matt on the door (after papering it), and we used black acrylics to create this lovely silhouette :P.

This was a later addition - a finishing touch one might say...

We rearranged the furniture in this room many times, and in the end transferred the cardboard house upstairs (where, sadly, it later collapsed - I discovered this yesterday). After much deliberation, we were finally happy with where everything was.

We went to Ikea and got the clock, rug and Mr Plant. Matt got rid of the upper papered bit (above the mantelpiece) as it wasn't really needed. The drawn clock has been transferred to the kitchen to continue confusing people :).

Below is our finished living room (which might change again when our other housemates get here!).


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