Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Piano Endeavours

I've been playing piano quite a bit recently, since I'm not really in uni anymore (thogh have been helping out my 3rd year buddy). It's kind of good that Phoebe (in the room next door) has gone home because I've been playing the piano rather loudly and singing quite loudly too, lol. Plus, I'm very repetitive if I find a song I love. Since yesterday that song has been 'You Got Me' by Colbie Caillat - I heard it the other day and fell in love with it so went in search of the the music for it - ended up just going with chords instead. I had to transpose them though as the chords I found were in D rather than G (the original key). So now I've done that I've been playing it rather a lot, lol. Here is the original version:

It occured to me the other day that it would make a decent mash-up with either 'Build Me Up Buttercup', so I might end up trying to create one at some point, lol.

Along with this I've been playing 'A Drop in the Ocean' by Ron Pope - I found the sheet music which someone had arranged and put online, though I need to adjust a few of the lines as they're not quite as they should be... I'll probably redo the whole thing on some blank score whenever I get around to it, this would also mean I could put the lyrics in as they're not written on the music and I keep forgetting them while I'm playing!

One song that I really want to learn is 'Time' by Chantal Kreviazuk - I heard it on a fanvid for something the other day and I absolutely loved it. I think I'd heard it a few times before but it was before it was before I started just playing whatever I felt like I think. I wanted to put up the actual music video on here but the embedding is disabled, so decided to put this video up because it's quite interesting and arty, and gives you something to look at while listening to the song, rather than the other video I found which just had a still image... Though I did notice that one of the lyrics is wrong, lol, it says 'I'm going to make this moment known' and it should say 'I'm going to make this moment mine'. But anywho, still an interesting video, lol.

I've also discovered a couple of piano covers of it - this one is beautiful, but is not the whole piece. I'd love to learn to play it like this but haven't found it anywhere and so far haven't bothered trying to learn it by ear as it sounds quite complicated (not necessarily the actual music, but sorting out the sounds in my head seems like it will be complicated...). Here is another piano cover, I love how she's put in drum beats with the piano - she's got the same piano as me! :) but I haven't really ever used any of the interesting features, lol. This version is in a different key but I think I might use this to figure out the piano patterns a bit more and then try and transpose it and make some alterations here and there... :)

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