Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Well, I just watched the last episode of FlashForward. I've really loved the series, I think it was a very clever and interesting idea that was well executed and had lots of intrigue and excitement, and you really became attached to the characters.
I was so disappointed when I read that FlashForward has been discontinued, and now that I've watched the last episode I'm devastated that there couldn't be another series. I thought that the last episode was really interesting and I loved the little twists in it where things weren't necessarily quite as they seemed in the people's flashforwards.
It was a real cliffhanger - with the second flashforward occuring as the ending scene. This made it both really interesting and really frustrating. I personally like having more closure at the end of a series, though I'm assuming this episode was made with the intention of a second series. If it was made with the intention of a second series then I think it was perfect - there was a bit of closure (certain events happening as they did in the people's flashforwards) but there was also a few mysterious things thrown in (such as the flashforward featuring Charlie and when Janice was wheeled off by Lita wearing a QED ring) which make you want to watch the next series.
However, I'm still a bit disappointed in the end, because it doesn't feel like it's over - I find that quite exasperating and there is no way to way to curb the feeling and that makes it even more frustrating.
However, perhaps that is a wonderful thing about the series - that it has been left very open-ended and will be likely to provoke the imaginations of the viewers into creating their own continuing storylines in their heads and maybe creating closure in that way. Either way, you can't say it doesn't make you think - which has been a fantastic thing about the show all the way through, so despite the frustration, perhaps it was a suitable ending for it all.

I'm also more pleased about this because I've recently heard from people that the ending to 'Lost' was a complete disappointment and has made the series' feel like they were a bit pointless, and I certainly don't feel like that effect has occured with FlashForward. I've never actually watched Lost but it sounded really interesting and I did mean to watch it - the main thing I was intrigued with was the intricate detail and mystery which was raved about, which is the same thing that I love about FlashForward, however I'm glad I ended up watching this instead of Lost as I've found it a lot more satisfying! I may still watch some episodes of Lost at some point, I think that I'd still find it really interesting, it just might not feel as purposeful...

Anyway, better go now, just wanted to share that, lol.
But yes - FlashForward, definitely worth watching :).

Oh yes, just read this article about the last episode which I found quite amusing - the writer seems quite cynical/skeptical and at the bottom there is a list of unresolved issues from the program which were kind of funny. The skeptical comment towards the end about Keiko and Bryce's relationship really reminded me of something Carol would say... (it's a bit like comments made by various people about how Romeo and Juliet barely knew each other really, and Cecelia and Robbie's relationship in Atonement was all based on a shag in a library one time). But I like to hold on to the romance of it all, that's just my style, and I think it's nicer that way :).

Ooh, just found another article - this one sums up my opinion a bit better I think. Basically just expressing the 'huh?' element of the last episode...

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