Friday, April 30, 2010

Ah, Apple Macs...

Lol, I'm currently on a Mac at uni, I had to import my video footage from the video camera I borrowed, and for some reason I decided that it was a good plan to do this on a Mac, when I have only ever used a Mac about twice. Luckily I pick things up quite quickly but I didn't really know what I was doing for quite a while... I felt rather stressed when I was trying to figure out how to access everything... However I did manage to sort it out in the end, I am currently waiting while my video imports - it seems that it has to basically re-record it onto the computer, so it will take the same amount of time as there is footage...
I quite like these Macs, I shall have to spend more time in the Mac suite next year I think. I want to learn how to use photoshop and also experiment with iMovie a bit (I've had a workshop on this but it was quite a while back).

In other news, we had our first exhibition opening the other day, it went fairly well. I also had a crit on my exhibition piece yesterday which was quite good, got some interesting feedback, though I didn't quite know what to say about my piece, lol. I'm quite happy with everything.
I had an essay in for today which I'm glad is all handed in so I don't have to think about it anymore...
I can't believe how little time I've got until this year is all finished! I'm basically finished in 2 weeks. Scary...
I will be around for quite a while after the 2 weeks, but my assessment is in 2 weeks and then I've got to hang around to help out a 3rd year to set up their degree show (don't know who I'll be assigned to yet, but should find out soon I assume... probs not til after assessment though). I think we've got a couple of weeks in between where we don't have anything to do really...
I'm planning to hang around until the end of June, Carol's graduating then so I'll be going home before then so I can get to her graduation (yay!) :)
I kind of want to spend as much time here as I can because I actually know people here, and when I go back home I don't really know anyone... I'll just be spending loads of time in my room, lol.
However it won't be too long before I move into my new house back near uni! Only about 6 weeks I think, I'm planning to move in sometime during the first week of August.

So my plans for my 'time off' both while hanging around here and during July:
- Explore where I'm living a bit more - find that shortcut to Tesco from our new house that we have been told about... (Or possibly just ask the girls that mentioned it to us...)
- Create a good CV (I've lost my old one that I made at school so need to start from scratch)
- Figure out where I want to apply for jobs (and check out their organisations so I know a bit - then actually apply once I've moved back here)
- Do some scrapbooking (I keep meaning to do this but never get around to it - this is something I should definitely do while at home I think)
- Learn some good vegetarian recipes... (Not sure if I'll get around to this,but would be good as one of my new housemates is a veggie and I don't know many good meals that'd be good, plus I would quite like to eat less meat, simply from a health point of view...)
- Do some more video work with borrowed cameras from uni and consider buying a video camera (I'm not really sure whether I want to buy one or not, this is something I need to consider...)
- Attempt to write a song maybe? (This is something I've wanted to do for quite a while but haven't properly sat down and tried to do...)
- Learn some more stuff on piano (I've been doing quite a lot of this recently when really I should be doing work...)
- Explore more arty stuff - get some ideas for next year
- Read books! I've been doing this a bit more recently, but constantly feel a bit guilty because I need to do work!

I'm sure I'll add to this list a time goes on, and I probably won't get to do all the stuff I want to do - it always seems like there's lots of time but it doesn't mean there actually is... it flies by quite quickly.

Recently I've been a bit obsessed with the song 'Little House' by Amanda Seyfried (from the film 'Dear John' which I watched recently - it's excellent, watch it.) - I figured out how to play it on the piano and have been constantly playing it since, lol. I can't say there's a whole lot of deep meaning in the lyrics, but I guess that's up to whoever is listening to it to decide... The lyrics aren't amazing straight away, but I really love the tune and the song as a whole - I think it probably does sound better on guitar, but it's not too bad on piano really.
I've also been playing 'Strange and Beautiful' by Aqualung (which is such an amazing song!) which I learned before Easter.
I've been trying to decipher some of Brooke Fraser's songs - specifically 'Scarlet' recently - very nice song. I also want to decipher 'Own Me' by Ginny Owens - I was thinking about buying the book 'Without Condition' from amazon as I also want to play some of her other songs, but it's so expensive - the cheapest one on there is almost £30. I really need to find somewhere else I can get the music from... or just not bother with that, lol.

Right, better go now, my video has downloaded, unfortunately doesn't fit on my USB stick (I've misplaced my larger one somewhere...) but at least it's saved to my account, I'll see what I can do about transferring it back... I might need to buy another USB stick at some point soon...

Right, going, really I am...

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