Thursday, December 17, 2009

Apparently I must blog...

I have been informed that I am not blogging enough and must do so. So I am...

Well, my birthday has been and gone, was a bit lonely at home on my own, though mum was around for a bit... It may seem a bit sad but the main highlight of my birthday was getting lots of lovely facebook messages from friends, and also a few texts, so that was nice. Also went out to a fantastic Chinese restaurant with my lovely parents so that was rather good. For my birthday I got 2 pairs of earrings from my sister, a pair of earrings from my friend Lis and 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' on DVD from my parents (they're also going to get me a new phone, which I very much need, but we haven't got around to it yet - my current one is still being all dodgy).

I also went to visit my sister for about a day, I came back on the coach - I had to catch 2. The first one was an hour late, so I severely froze whilst waiting for it. I'm glad I had my scarf and gloves with me, but it was still extremely cold. I need to wear warmer clothing...
My phone died after the first half an hour of waiting, so I couldn't text my parents to let them know what was happening, so that was a bit annoying.
Luckily I managed to catch the next coach (as we had left quite a big gap in between - which turned into quite a small gap with the hours delay) and arrived on time, and was found after a while by my parents, so that was good.

I had quite an interesting debate with my mum on the way back home - They told me that they'd bought the HP dvd for me (they didn't wrap it, so the only things I unwrapped on my birthday were the earrings...), and that they'd watched it already, lol. Or rather mum watched part of it and dad watched all of it. Mum insisted that Snape had died in this film, or was already dead beforehand. We debated about this for a while, some of it went something like this:

"I saw the film where Snape died"
"You couldn't have! It isn't out yet!"
"Well I've seen it"
"No, you haven't. You haven't even seen all of the ones that are already out!"
"I have"
"No you haven't..."

It took a while, but she finally realised she meant Sirius, not Snape, and I was quite amused...

Also, mum still calls Voldemort 'Baltimore', or something of the sort. She knows perfectly well that it's not right, I think she just does it to annoy me. Or amuse me. It does both on different occasions...

On another note, I've been getting a bit of uni work done. I haven't really done much so far, but I hope I'm progressing... I need to sort out some sort of timetable for me to get work done while I'm at home, I might sort it out tonight.

I still haven't sorted out my Christmas presents, I was planning to go shopping today but I woke up quite late and couldn't be bothered so am planning to go tomorrow instead. Not sure when I'm going to go and get a new phone, depends when dad can come with me - I've picked up a magaziney thing with different phones in it that I'll have a look at sometime soon... I don't want anything too complicated really, I only use my phone to ring, text and check the time - though a few other things would be nice. Main thing is that it has a good battery and doesn't die all the time...

Lol, I need to be more careful with what I leave on my bed. I found an eyeshadow brush this morning, that I must have slept on last night and I also just found a small star stud (which is quite spiky) that was also on my bed - I'm surprised I didn't notice that one before.

Anywho, I should probs be going off and doing some work... *sigh*

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