Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Weather

I don't like the weather at the moment, it's too hot and slightly humid...
Hence why I don't like Malaysian weather... but you know, they'd come here and think this weather was cool, lol.
My favourite sort of weather is when it's warmish, breezy (I love the wind :D) and cloudyish (so that the sun isn't so direct and burning).
I'd rather have it be too cold than too hot, it's much easier to do something about being to cold than to do something about being too hot. On the downside, when it's cold you always have the central heating on and consequently get all dry throated in the morning, resulting in an inability to sing and an unpleasant taste in your mouth when you wake up. I meant singing when you're awake - it's generally a difficult to consciously sing while unconscious.
Oh yes, but until a couple of minutes ago I forgot that for me, hot weather comes with more nose bleeds, and considering the numerous nosebleeds I have during the winter, it's not pleasant to have them increased.

Anyway, done talking about the weather. I had a lovely time with Carol and co. today :). I'm planning to organise a little farewelly thing this week. Gotta do that tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow.
Oh, and I'm quite happy because I've found some new websites for free piano music. I learnt a very basic version of 'You're not sorry' by Taylor Swift from a youtube video. Good stuff.
Better go now, lots to do, and then lots of sleep to be had...

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Jingle Bella said...

Farewelly = goodbye to gumboots? :)