Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, I've been packing, like a good little girl. No more exams! Woot woot.
Not sure how well I did on my resit paper, possibly better than last time (when I got an E) but still not brilliant. I think I got about 46/75. But I'll find out eventually. Just glad it's over. Either way, I've still got a B overall for the A2 so even if I do only get a D or something it doesn't hugely matter...
Today I've been listening to my blog music player loop round and round and round while trying to sort out more of the stuff in my room, mainly focusing on my old college notes and stuff. I really want to keep quite a bit of it but I'm trying to get rid of as much as possible at the same time... I feel particularly sad getting rid of my lovely colour coded hand written notes. I don't mind about getting rid of maths notes so much though as they're too confusing to try and read, lol.
I'm keeping most of my revision mindmaps (mainly for Psych and History last year), I do love my colourful mindmaps. Wonderful.

On a different note, I remembered today about spiders. Not the arachnid kind, but the ones where you put a scoop of ice cream in the top of a glass of coke. I think they're called various things over here, like coke floats and stuff (more sensible names I suppose) but I forgot that I used to call them spiders in NZ. Good stuff.

Anyway, must go, have to be up early tomorrow to go into college and sort out the exhibition of out work. After tomorrow there's just leavers day and then that's it! I won't be back to college again except to get my results in Aug. It makes me a bit sad as I do love the place but progress is a good thing, as much as I would like to linger at this stage for longer.

Oh yes, and I've bought some more Tamora Pierce books, so that makes me happy. But yes, I really am going...

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