Sunday, February 08, 2009

Films :)

I've just rewatched Prince Caspian (whilst doing my final piece - which is coming along quite nicely actually, though being very time-consuming) and I now remember why it is my favourite film. I never used to be able to narrow down 'Favourites' to one ultimate one but now I'm getting better at it... well, at least books and films.

But yeah, I was thinking about what sorts of films I like watching over and over again - from my collection - and so I thought I'd put them on here.

Films I could (and do) watch over and over and over and over and over again:
The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version), Pride and Prejudice (BBC), Stardust, Ever After, Bend it like Beckham, Harry Potters (Prisoner of Azkaban the most, with Order of the Phoenix coming up second) and The Holiday.

I generally like flicking through movies, not really watching all of them - unless I'm doing my artwork in which case I just leave them to play. But I suppose with the ones above, one thing I like is that once I know the story, I can flick to any bit and it works as a stand alone bit as well as a whole. I like that. Some other films have a kind of build up over the course of the film and thus don't work as well when bits are cut out. They're still good films but I watch them less as you really have to watch them as a whole. Some examples (from the ones I own) of these are as follows:
27 Dresses - I loved this in the cinema but after I bought it and flicked through it I was a bit disappointed. However after watching it as a whole I realised again why I liked it - you really have to watch the whole thing to get to know the character of Jane and observe her feelings - it is very much about emotion and how her feelings change.
A Walk to Remember - ok, well this is less so than with 27 dresses, but the film is certainly much more effective if you do watch it all the way through... (though I suppose you could say that for most films as that is kind of the point...)
Shakespeare in Love - I do still like flicking through this one, and as they are passionately in love for most of it, the flicking doesn't make too much of a difference. However, you don't really get the build up of feelings - even if you do flick through chronologically.
Hmm, I can't really think of any more...

Lastly, my favourite scenes of all time :).
Never Been Kissed, the ending (from when she is about to go out onto the pitch) - fantastic film ending, only topped for me by the ending of Prince Caspian. I never really watch the rest of the film - I just watch the ending, lol. The rest is a little too cringe-worthy for my liking.
Prince Caspian, the ending (from the whole gathering in Narnia) - AMAZING. And finished beautifully with 'The Call' by Regina Spektor.
A Little Princess, finding her father (from when she is hiding in the corner to when they're hugging in the rain) - this scene makes me cry, every time. Literally. Every time. It's wonderfully done.
LOTR: Return of the King, when Aragorn and Arwen see each other again at the coronation - well, ok, there are a lot of LOTR fantastic film moments, but I can't list them all. This is one that particularly stands out from me, the expressions on their faces. Magnificent.

Those are all the ones I can think of right now. Though of course I have more scenes that I adore but you know. I'll keep it short-ish.

Anyway, I'll stop blogging now, I'm going to put on Harry Potter again (I haven't watched them for months and months! - I need to read the books again too at some point) and continue my final piece. I'll have to set a time limit as well because I need to do my English coursework which is due tomorrow and I haven't started. Despite the fact that the deadline was extended. I can be a bit daft sometimes. Plus, I'm going to youth group thingy tonight.
So goodbye my dears!

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