Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, I've been so busy I haven't managed to blog! Finally I am a bit less busy. Mainly because I've just thought 'stuff it, I can't be bothered' more than anything. There's plenty of things I should be doing but I'm feeling rather apathetic this week. Hopefully that will change soon as I will be in a very bad situation otherwise. I'll have to force myself to do work today...

Right. Let me think... important bloggingy things (or not so important, but you know, still bloggingy things).

Oliver! We (Me, Carol, Sparkle) went to see Oliver at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London. It was fantastic! Jodie Prenger was wonderful as Nancy, we had Gwion as our Oliver (which was rather weird, a Welsh accent to go with the life of London - still good of course), Burn Gorman was a powerful Bill Sykes (and got lots of boos at the end when he bowed, lol - I 'whoo'ed!) and of course, Rowan Atkinson was simply amazing as Fagin. It was a lovely experience all in all, though we were up on the balcony bit which meant a hell of a lot of stairs - by the time we got to our seats all I could do was sit down and not move for a while, lol. Going down was far easier :). We went to Pizza Hut afterwards which was fun.

I did mean to blog about all this when I got back that night but I was unfortunately violently sick. Dad was as well that night, and mum had been on the Friday (and still wasn't brilliant). Luckily all the throwing up was only for one night. I didn't get much sleep as I woke up every 15 minutes to half an hour through the night to throw up. Lovely. Anyway, I spent all of Sunday in bed (when I had desperately needed to finish work before college started again) and ate barely anything (1 piece of toast and half a banana). Drank lots of water though. Good stuff.

Managed to drag myself out of bed for college on Monday, finally found my train pass (I spent a bit of Sunday evening looking for it once I could get up) and dad drove mum to work and me to the station. We then proceeded to try and buy my half-term ticket but they said they weren't selling them so I had to just buy a week ticket. That's reminded me, I need to go get the ticket today... Anyway, yes, so we got that, but then dad said he could drive me to college as there was only a minute until the last train I could get (to get there on time) and I'd have to go to the other platform and through the barriers so we went to the car. The car then decided not to start so I had to grab my stuff and hurry to the other platform, as I was crossing the bridge the train left so I went back to the car. After a while (some poking of things under the bonnet and a bit of prayer) dad basically gave up but tried one last time to start the car. And it went :). So he drove me to college, I just managed to be on time. And then I was really depressed because Nadine wasn't in Art and we also didn't have a new teacher (as we were told we would have) we had Crazy Lindsay again. We won't be getting a new teacher until our exam project. It's not that she's not a nice person, she's very well-meaning, it's just that she doesn't seem to have a clue about what she's doing and I really need to get at least a B! She's constantly giving us sheets for AS Art and when we point this out to her she keeps saying that they're still relevant (which they aren't really as they're doing a different project to us with a significantly shorter essay and fewer artists to study). I kept correcting her when she was lecturing us the other day about all the work we have to do. It was quite amusing though after a while she stopped replying to me but simply correcting her sentences, e.g.:

'...a thousand word essay-'
'Three thousand word'
'... yes, three thousand word essay looking at two artists-'
'Three artists'
'-three artists who are relevant to your project...'

I was in a strangely good mood that day (despite the fact that I normally bug her because I'm frustrated and moody) but I felt I was being a bit annoying so I was nice for the rest of the lesson. I've decided to be good for the rest of this project, it's only a few weeks, I'm sure I can be friendly for that long. At least I get on with everyone in my class, we have such a lovely class :). Me and Nadine are always chatting, Holly and Jess are always chatting (and we sometimes merge this chatting), across the other side of the room there's Alex, Louis, Abby, Neesha, Lucy and Alix, they've always got something interesting to say. It's rather a nice small class really. I'm quite amused that this year there are so few boys in my classes, there's just Louis in Art, Martin and Luke in English, Nathan and Matthew in Spanish and Ryan, Peter and Peter (there are two) in Sign Language. Last year I had that many boys in one of my classes rather than in all my classes. It's quite fun being in predominantly female classes.

Anyway, yes, so I've got lots of art homework at the moment as I did basically no art work this week. I've been a little bit ill this week, mainly in the form of sleeping a bit too much and having some concentration problems (hence the lack of work at home). I need to do lots of piano practise as well, I have decided I'm going to pull my socks up in the piano department. Either I do it now and take the exam or I don't take the exam at all and I'll be really pissed off if I end up doing that.

I've been reading a lot recently, I read 'The School for Husbands' by Wendy Holden, which I realised I'd read before when I got to the end - but I think I must have kind of skim-read it as it was only little bits that I properly remembered. That was on Tuesday. I was reading 'Divas don't knit' by Gil McNeil during this (well, not literally - I just started it on Saturday and then didn't get around to finishing it til after Tuesday). Then I gave that back to Carol (who got it for Christmas then lent it to me - she also got the sequel) and borrowed 'Needles and Pearls' which is the next book, I finished that yesterday. Also, yesterday I picked up 'Twilight' which I reserved from the library ages ago, I just read that today - it was AMAZING. Or at least 'Very Good'. With Capital Letters. Sarah told me to read it but I didn't because she described it as a 'vampire book' which it is but it's more about the relationship between the two main characters. I was only reminded of it more recently because there's been loads of hype about the film (which I really want to see now). I've just been on the library website and reserved the next three books in the series. Hopefully I'll get the earlier ones first... Also, I reserved 'Double Cross' by Malorie Blackman (I've read the first three in that series a while ago - brilliant) and 'Necropolis' by Anthony Horowitz (ditto). Now that they've actually got some copies of the books the reservation is only 20p rather than a pound. But yeah. So I owe the library £1 now. Well, actually £1.40 because I borrowed 'The Nanny Diaries' on DVD and having watched it, lent it to Carol who meant to drop it off on Monday but forgot so I had to drop it in a day late. And unfortunately she didn't get to watch it :(. It was rather a good film actually...
Anyway, I really want to start creating a list of all the books I've ever read at some point (I wouldn't remember all of them, I'd probably just start with all my favourite books and then just write down when I read a new one). I do wonder how many books I've read... A few hundred I'm sure.

I've almost finished my Wagij puzzle. I've done all the interesting bits, I've just got this little beige patch that I'm having trouble with because they're all exactly the same colour... and I think I've put some of the current pieces in the wrong places so I may have to redo some bits... It was quite fun really. You don't really need a picture with a puzzle like that - just a few hints (via the box) and go with the colours. It was still rather difficult, but enjoyable.

Hmm... Other news. Oh yes, I went clothes shopping on Friday as I'd been meaning to do for ages. I got a couple of new tops, a much needed pair of new jeans, a pair of zebra-striped gumboots with bright pink edges and soles and a pair of 'Doctor Who' shoes except they're shiny and silver (yes it's a bit weird, but they're quite comfortable and they were only a fiver from Peacocks...). Also, I got a lovely dress from New Look, unfortunalely I can't find a picture on the website... but it's dark blue and turquoise in a kind of indian pattern with a really nice, deep V neck, kind of edging on a sweetheart-style neckline. I think I'll wear it over jeans, and I'll have to wear a tank top underneath I think. But yes, that's my favourite purchase of the day. So, I've spent all the money mum and dad gave me for Christmas and a bit of my own money. I still need to get another jumper but it took me forever to do this shop so I have no idea when I'll get around to doing that... As long as I'm semi-warm most of the time I think that'll do.

I've been wondering what to spend the Waterstones giftcard Dan gave me for my birthday on. I think I'm probably going to buy this recipe file, I spent ages thinking about what I should get, I was thinking more a proper book but I don't really feel like a Terry Pratchett at the moment, I've got quite a few in my shelf and I'll get out 'the Bromeliad' trilogy when I've got time, I was considering getting 'The Gift' by Cecelia Ahern but I wasn't sure... also, I'd quite like to read 'The Duchess' at some point, or at least see the film. I might get that out from the library at some point. Yes, and I'd have quite liked to get a humour book. I was considering an art-based book but I think that I can just get them from the library, though there was a very interesting book on drawing the figure dynamically, in a kind of illustrative manner. Anywho, yes, probably the recipe file and if I've got any money left (out of the £15 - I'm not sure how much the file is in the shop) then I might buy a little humour book. But I'm not going to worry about it at the moment I think because I've got so many things to do and I've just wasted rather a long while writing this blog when I should have been writing my art essay. Or going to work to get my phone which I accidentally left there yesterday (but mum's got the key so we'll go pick it up later). Or going to get my train ticket for until half term. Or practising piano! I keep forgetting.

Right. Work. Or I might just put on a DVD and try and finish that little bit of my Wasgij puzzle... maybe not. Work.


Jingle Bella said...

Hello hello! Sorry about the DVD thing ... good luck with art projects. XXX JB

Hazelnut said...

Lol, JB makes me think of Jess... Yes dear, I didn't really mind, and thanks :) x