Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Updatey :)

Well, quite a bit has happened recently. I've had two uni interviews, one today, one yesterday, both went well - I've definitely been offered a place at the first and the second said it was 'very likely'. Good stuff.

On other notes, it was my birthday yesterday so I am now 'officially' an adult. Or something. *shrug*
I'm pretty sure I'll be forgetting how old I am in the next few weeks, lol.
I'm having a birthday party thingy on the 22nd so that will be fun, haven't figured out what kind of cake I want to have (I'm doing a kids party so I want to have something interesting).
Luckily most people can come which is v. good. Unfortunately Chelsea can't make it, and also Becky messaged me to let me know she can't make it after all :(. I'm meeting up with the lovely Chelsea for lunch tomorrow so that should be good. I meant to ring Becky today to see when we could meet up but I'll probably have to do it tomorrow...

College is now finished! Yay :). Hopefully tomorrow will feel holiday-ish. I really need a holiday I think. I might just give myself this weekend to do nothing and then plunge back into all of my masses of homework and other priorities (organising piano exam/citizenship exam/driving theory and lessons etc.). I think I'll spend tonight trying to tidy my room a bit, and then if I can tidy it enough to have some desk space I might do some present wrapping whilst watching a comedy programme. Good stuff. Though I should really get some sleep at some point...

Ooh, yes, the other thing was that I went Christmas present shopping on Monday and I bought most of my presents for other people but I also saw loads of stuff I wanted, lol. So I shall blog about them here, though I very much doubt I'll get any of it as I don't get that many presents at Christmas and the few people who do buy me presents already have I think... apart from mum and dad possibly. I might start hinting at some point, lol.
  1. Wasgij puzzle (the 'look into the future' ones) - they're just so cool aren't they?!
  2. Books (though with these I'm more likely to just borrow them from the library when they're finally out) - Necropolis (next in Power of Five Series - Anthony Horowitz), Twilight (Stephanie Meyer - I've reserved this at the library, it'll take a while though...) and Double Cross (Malorie Blackman - Noughts and Crosses series)
  3. Humour books - I'm very likely to like almost any humour books, as long as they're fairly clean humour - I like the little books of cartoons, and I was quite amused by the 'Where's Bin Laden' books (style of 'Where's Wally'), though I do of course like the more intellectual humour as well :).
  4. A really soft teddy bear - it's this age when you really need a teddy bear again. I saw some really lovely ones in BHS the other day...
  5. Glow in the dark poi (I saw them in the Entertainer and they're awesome!)
  6. A sonic screwdriver (Ok, so maybe this is just getting to the whole 'but it's so cool!' things rather than things I particularly want to own... but you know)

I'm sure there were other things but I don't remember... Possibly some stuff from Accessorize which is just generally lovely. Auntie Sarah (my brother-in-law's mum) got me a necklace from there for my birthday :). I think that the thing I want the most is the wasgij puzzle... and possibly the teddy bear.

Anyway, I was going to go and do some tidying or something so I'll go do that.
Oh yes! And I just came back home from watching 'Quantum of Solace' with my sister-dear. It was rather good I think though the first one was probably better on the whole. Was still quite cool. My favourite character was definitely Camille.

Sweet Dreams!

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