Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Wine 2008

Well, I'm not going to write much quite yet as I've just spent ages sorting through New Wine quotes and adding people on facebook and all sorts of things but I must say New Wine was AMAZING.

Totally life-changing experience. Absolutely loved it. Thought I'd end up doing a really huge blog but am really tired right now so will hopefully do it tomorrow or something.

Brief summary:
Total focus on God - fantastic. Met new friends (as I was alone). LOUD music. Dancing. Wonderful Praise and Worship. Fabulous Seminars. Interesting camping/living in a tent for a week. INSPIRING.

I've got a new fire of passion burning in me and I want to go and let my light shine!
Really touched by all the Tearfund stuff, planning to get a bit more involved in that.
Going to stick stuff all over my walls to remind me everyday of what I'm living for, my purpose, and my goals for the future.

Well, I'm going to go for now, but you'll hear more from me later!

In the mean time, why not go and have a quick look at some awesome dialogue tees I saw at New Wine.

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