Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Rice crispies, several washed and halved strawberries, one sliced banana, with semi-skimmed milk. Delicious :).

Anyway, yes, been out with Dan, Kat and Gemmel tonight, went and had a pub dinner, rather lovely. Also very lovely to see them all again as I haven't really seen anyone other than my family recently... and work colleagues. Felt a bit lonely :(.
But feeling much happier now, also will hopefully meet up with Kat sometime this week (need to sort out her b-day prezzie to give to her) and also Dan probably at some point. Well, seeing as I've only got 3 days left in the week and I'm working Friday afternoon I'd better get my skates on and sort stuff out quickly.
Otherwise will have to see people when I get back from New Wine.
Also, need to pack for New Wine... decide what I want to bring etc.
And I'm behind on art work...
Well, better get to it, buhbye!

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