Friday, December 07, 2007

Things I would like to do sometime in my life

  • Boxing/Self-defense [Well, this was an aim before, now I'm doing boxercise which counts I suppose, would still like to do some other sort of fighting classes though]
  • Create wire jewellery [I would like to make a tiara someday, would be coolies...]
  • Learn/teach myself calligraphy
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Create a silk painting
  • Make an item of clothing [N.B. Learn how to use a sewing machine...]
  • Get married and have children [Or just live to be a kidnapping spinster]
  • Knit something interesting/substantial [I've knitted a couple of scarves before but I want to knit something exciting, like a piggle hat, 6-sleeved jumper or life-size elephant :P]
  • Make a scrapbook of memories
  • Play sports again [Netball, swimming, badminton... I miss them :(]
  • Buy the whole 'Full House' set of dvds [I grew up on Full House! Loves.]
  • Read all Discworld books by Terry Pratchett [Except the sciency ones, I didn't find those particularly enthralling... you never know, I may learn to like them]
  • Try learning Quenya? [Dialect of Elvish]
  • Actually read the other Tolkein books that I couldn't get stuck into before [The Silmarillion etc.]
  • Read all books by Tamora Pierce [Absolutely ADORE her books]
  • Get a job in arty stuff
  • Visit and/or be involved in Weta Workshop [Not sure if this one will happen... but they're so amazing!]
  • Be involved in a [good] film [Behind the scenes - arty stuff, or something]
  • Eat goody-goody gumdrop ice cream again [This one will probably happen]
  • Paint a really, really, really, really realistic painting [Dutch artists of the 17th century have truly ridiculous detail. I wish.]
  • Own a cushtie!

Keep an eye on this. It will grow.


Princess ButternutSquash said...

How nice! My name's Hazel too and I'm attempting to learn Quenya..

Attempting but really..falling hard on my ass is more like it. =)

Hazelnut said...

Yay! Another Hazel :). The world needs more Hazels.
I think that if I tried to learn Quenya I would probably be failing rather painfully as well, lol. I really should get around to trying it sometime though...