Friday, December 07, 2007

Present list

People keep asking me what I want for Christmas and/or my birthday. I don't know! I think of things but never remember. I shall start a list here that will grow a little if I remember more things.

  • Money [Always good, simple]
  • Vouchers for books/music/dvds/stationary/art stuff/cinema
  • Thinking Putty
  • 13-in-1 Multi Tool Pen
  • Any 'Full House' dvds
  • X-men 3 dvd
  • Good dvds in general...
  • Despairwear T-shirt [Shock Hazard, 'Knock Knock' (Death), 'I demand justice...']
  • Tamora Pierce books: Trickster's Queen, Terrier, Bloodhound, The Will of the Empress, Squire [Protector of the Small Quartet - cartoony illustration], Any of the Immortals quartet...
  • CDs - The Lads, Cascada, Skillet, Switchfoot, Stacie Orrico, Leigh Nash, etc. [any really - the Lads have got a sale thing on, woo! Love 'Life of Mine']
  • Chocolate [Ok, so it's not good for me. But it's so tasty!]
  • Pretty bag big enough to be used as a bag for holding A4 things and possibly as a swimming bag (fit towel and clothes).
  • Any random funny books [Either funny-haha or funny-peculiar, doesn't really matter, lol]
  • Ticket to NZ [Yeah ok, maybe not. Goody goody gumdrop ice cream, L&P or NZ chocolate? - so unfortunate that my favourite ice cream isn't sold in this country :(]
  • Punching bag [Again, maybe not, but it's a cool idea!]
  • Scrapbooking/Craft/Girly-type/Brio/Other magazine subscription
  • For all those lovely student friends of mine - random cheap something or nothing at all, really don't mind, the main thing I want is the pleasure of your company :) [So you'd better get to my birthday dinner Becky! Or Else. With Capital Letters. :P]

Um yeah. Will come back. Need sleep now. Hope this is useful to anyone stuck on present-stuff and annoyed with me going "I don't know, just don't get me anything...".

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Hazelnut said...

I actually got some Tamora Pierce books - Terrier, Will of the Empress and Trickster's Queen. All were brilliant :).
Probably got chocolate too... don't remember. :)