Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Well, Carol's actually getting married in 4 days!
It's a bit scary... I like her now so I shall miss her :P. Haven't liked her 'til a couple of years ago so it's a pity I'm losing her so soon. Shall still be seeing each other of course :).

Cathy (my auntie) and Mark (my cousin) arrived safely yesterday, Mark's staying with us - I've moved into Carol's bedroom and he's in my bedroom (if you can actually call it a bedroom :P). Talked a fair bit yesterday, heard some news, heard about Hong Kong, talked vaguely about other stuff. So that's all coolies...

Went to Affordable Crafts today and spent forever standing there trying to decide on what paper (and other bits) to buy... quite sad really but yeah. I've got to make lots of cards - Carol, Dan, Kat and Tannyas' birthday cards and a wedding card for Sparkle and Carol. Though I need to remember his name is Chris, lol. Well, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I addressed it to 'Sparkle and Carol'. Yeah... bought some pretty coloured card and sparkly bits and papers :D.

Did some more of my paintings for Tannya yest but decided the second one really was too screwed up so threw it out and am now just giving her one... Need to get it to her somehow. May just put it through her letterbox; hmm... something to think about. Though I do hope to see her this or next week. Probably not this week as I'm expecting to be roped in to do stuff. Like cutting up fruit. Etc.
May still try and meet up with Kat and Dan, they're normally easier to get hold of methinks. Or Dan is at least. And I still have to wrap and give him his present... if I can find it (just another painting - I don't particularly like it but that doesn't mean he won't; hopefully). And his birthday was the beginning of June. I'm good with timing :P. Nah, he doesn't care really. Just don't see him that much anymore :(.

AAAAAAAH! Carol's wedding in 4 days means AS results in 9 days!
Ok. I'm fine. Really I am. I actually do want to know my results so I know whether I'm doing Psychology of Computing next year. Would be kind of useful. Bit nervous about starting Art. Shall be good though :).

Well yeah. That's basically the news.
Bought the fascinators (hair things) for me and Lucie today.
Mummy bought be an absolutely gorgeous little bag (for the wedding) yesterday.

Read about 5 books since yesterday afternoon. Read the Paranoia plot yesterday (one of the first 6 Spy High books) and then read Jake Black, Agent Orange and Calista Green (3 of the second series of 6 Spy High books). All very well written, love those series. Read Wild Magic today whilst travelling around (on the bus, walking down the street and also at home) - first of the Immortals Quartet. Fantastic series. Read it lots of times but doing it again now. Tamora Pierce is indeed brilliant. And you've gotta love Kit (she's a baby dragon - real name Skysong). Well, you have to read it to understand.
Also got out Northern Lights - I agreed to read the Dark Materials series which is apparently very good. I will get around to it.
Um, yeah.

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