Thursday, August 02, 2007

David and Goliath, Inc

There are several anti-'David and Goliath, Inc' articles saying that the slogans are hate-encouraging.

I must personally say that there are a lot of the t-shirts sold by David and Goliath Inc which I do not like or approve of but some of the slightly derogatory ones are actually kind of amusing as long as you don't take them seriously (you will see some below).

Ones like 'Boys have feelings too, But who cares?' and 'Hating you makes me feel warm inside' I do not approve of but ones like 'Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them' I find quite amusing. People are unlikely to take the rocks one seriously whereas the other one can be very hurtful. Also I don't approve of some of the more sexually-implying ones which are just a bit gross despite the cute colours and patterns used.

Lots of cool designs of David and Goliath, Inc which I like...

These first 8 are ones that I love and would happily wear on a t-shirt/bag/other.

I think someone I used to know owned/owns a t-shirt with the blonde one on it. If I was blonde I would so wear that!
The other three are ones I can totally relate to...

Would definitely wear the skull pjs. Would possibly wear t-shirts with the other designs on them, they are rather cool :P.

I might wear pjs with these on them but probs not t-shirts in general. Though they are rather cool :P.

So there you go, some that I like very much, there are more. They are rather cool.
To go see some for yourself click here.
Byebye :)


ski said...

my tee has a pic of a rock saying "you rule" and a ruler saying "you rock"

it makes me happy. xx

Hazelnut said...

Hehe! I saw a girl at college wearing a tee with the 'Rock is dead - long live paper and scissors'! Awesome, dude.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why the london tshirt has the eiffel tower on it.....