Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vaguely happy bunny now

I didn't post the last blog I did, firstly because the internet stopped working when I tried and secondly because it was basically a long rant about computing and a couple of particular people who got on my nerves today in it, why choir is annoying and a little bit on why/what I was thinking of dropping this year but am possibly not. I thought it wasn't very fair to be complaining about particular people on here (though I have done before...) and I felt a bit mean. Also, after typing it all out I basically got over it, so that's good. Am feeling better now. Have been singing loads today. 'Tis goodly. It cheers me up and makes me happy :D.
I can now roughly play 'Breakaway' by Kelly Clarkson on the piano so that also made me happy.
Oh yes, I'll put in the first line of my last post:

"Hehe, I just found out there's a building called 'The Royal Liver Building', lol. Yes I know it's actually pronounced 'ly-ver' but it's still amusing."

So there you go, exciting stuff.
I didn't have to go in til 2.15 today so that was v. cool - Psych was cancelled.
Wasn't exactly the best day (hence the rant) but now I'm over it.
I'm a nice person really I just rant on here because it makes me feel better as the only person I really rant to is Carol (lucky her) and she's not here all the time + it's a bit mean when she's wedding preparing to bug her so I can rant when I could just type out my anger (I feel a bit sorry for my keyboard). And plus it's nice to spend the time I do get to spend with her talking about nice things (though it usually means talking about wedding stuff, which is exciting and nice but eventually gets extremely boring - sorry Carol).

Ooh, I remember a quote from yest:

"I'm relaxing. You watch DVDs, I herd sheep" - Carol

Lol, though she snapped at me later because she was annoyed that her creature lead accidentally got stuck to a seagull and she couldn't get it off so you see, it's not that relaxing! (She was playing Black and White btw, just in case you thought she was running around outside herding sheep or something; though that would be very entertaining to watch).

So yes. Going to a music taster thing today so that should be interesting :D.

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