Friday, June 15, 2007


Well, I made a new (and fantastic) myspace page, I made the whole background and messed around with code to make it. I was very unhappy to find that I couldn't add music without it being the sort you can't turn off (because you couldn't see the controls) and I know how annoying it is to not be able to turn music off a page. Therefore I took the music off again (or rather, turned off the autoplay) so people will say "Isn't it pretty?" rather than "Isn't it pretty? but how annoying is this fricking... grr" etc.
But, as some consolation I thought I'd add the music here on my blog instead :) I'm sure you've noticed by now (unless your sound is turned off of course). Unfortunately the 'One Girl Revolution' Superchic[k] song jogs but I forgive it because I like the song so much. So I hope you enjoy that.
I still have yet to put all my Hogfather quotes up on my quote blog. Perhaps that's what I'll spend tonight doing. But perhaps not as it is already 23:04.

Went swimming tonight, glad I did, was good. Swam 21½ lengths and ½ a length using a flutterboard :P, so I'm pretty happy with that. Still, I'm amazed at how out of breath I get, darn this long time of not swimming. I knew I was unfit but I never really put it to the test much (hence the fact I'm unfit, lol).

In other news I've been thinking about college and doing a third year etc. I think what I'd like to do is AS Art this coming year and then do A2 Art, A2 Computing/Psychology (whatever I drop this year) and a couple of AS's as a third year. That is, if my results aren't quite what I want this year and/or I want to study something art-ish at Uni. Had a long talk with Auntie Sarah (Sparkle's mum) about it today and it seemed so simple but now I'm having second thoughts again. I don't know! I kind of wish someone could just tell me what to do. It would make it so much easier. But then again I might end up in something I hate. But that's still the same with me choosing. Ech.
I don't think I'd really enjoy 3-4 years of management/businessy stuff at Uni, that's why I'm not sure of what to do. Jess (my tutor) said that it doesn't matter too much what you choose to do at Uni (unless you want to do something like medicine) because future employers mainly want to know that you stuck with it the whole way and managed to organise yourself etc. enough to get through. Makes sense really.
Need to get a job soonish, or at least apply. *sigh*
I know where I want to apply but I'm a bit scared :(.
Darn my shyness, it's what's held me back for so long.
Anyone know a way to get over shyness?
(Though I'm sorry I won't be taking any ideas involving things like running around town dressed like a telletubby yelling "I'm a lunatic" and looking like a right fool, to make me never be embarrassed again; yes it would work, no I would never do it)

Anyway, shall go now. Enjoy the music. Enjoy life.
Dance in the rain.
Sing like no one's listening.
Forgive as you would wish to be forgiven.
Laugh like no one can hear you snort. :)

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