Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mmm... vegetables and cheese sauce

Yay! Today was my first experience at making white/cheese sauce and it went quite well I must say. Came home feeling quite like doing something interesting for dinner and was a bit depressed to find that we had only 2 small potatoes when I wanted to do mash (to put on top of mince stuff and veges, mm) and then my second resort was to the pasta which was only a small amount. So in the end I cooked the pasta, did some lean mince with button mushrooms and boiled some brocolli and carrots together then put them in a dish with some cheese sauce, crumbled crackers and cheese on top. Yummy :D

Anyway, I have a distinct lack of revision happening in my life recently... I think I should go and attempt to amend that... Well, we'll see anyway.. First exam 14th May!

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