Monday, November 13, 2006


Extremely tired now... Seem to be eternally tired too... oh the fun of college never ends. I seem to have missed out on blogging for quite a while now. Can't say I expect to be blogging that much now...
Yeah. So quick update. New better friends: Alice, Rai (we are basically the same person...), Faye, Becky, probably more that I can't think of at this moment in time.
Still collecting some quotes. Lots of work from college.
Turning 16/going to NZ in 5 weeks! :o.
Gotta start more on the Xmas prezzie buying...
Pic-a-ture taking, often.
Seeing Dan more - walk him home more and stuff (nice talking to him for about half an hour, goodly)
Today, walked back with him. Horses barred our way - couldn't go through the gate. Think they wanted to steal the chocolate I bought. The giganticful one blew at me, so I blew back at him.
Got a bit lost - going the other way round. Two wrong turns before finding the right road. Very dark, nice dark alleys, kinda like caves Dan commented... true indeed.
Got there in the end. Computer stuff.
Lots of work. Sleep deprivation.
mmm... sleep...

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