Friday, September 08, 2006

First College Days

First day
Well… it’s been interesting. First day I started off with 2 hours to burn, walked round, attempted to get my timetable fixed (no German on it), didn’t. Walked round some more. And finally, at 12.00pm, went off to my first lesson, Psychology, it was really interesting actually, I’m very happy to have got into the subject (At enrollment I was told I was on the waiting list but a few days before the beginning of term I got called by one of the personal tutors and told I got in, so I was happy J). Met in this class two girls (Well obviously there were more people but I didn’t talk to them as they weren’t near me), Amber (who recognized me from being in her previous school) and Jess. Both were second year students doing a new AS. They were both really nice (lol, I’m sitting by myself in the back corner of the class… very sociable :P) Also yesterday, I had Pure Maths, where I got to talk to Jacqueline again plus making a new acquaintance, Danielle (whose timetable is chocablock…) and lastly I had Computing… that was interesting. I think I’ll like the course it’s just the fact I haven’t really talked to many people… The only person who introduced themselves in the ‘I’ll go out of the room and let you get acquainted’ part of the lesson was Mike. Yay! I know someone’s name! lol. Yeah, so that was sort of the extent of my conversation during that lesson - “Um.. I’m Hazel”. Also learnt two other people’s names - Peter (who was sitting next to me at the time) and Chris (who was sitting next to me when we went on the computers to change passwords and stuff). Also I knew Ieuan, Maxwell and Josh. But I don’t speak to Maxwell and Josh really, and Ieuan was on the other side of the classroom. So yeah, stood there like a lemon. Oh yes, and I didn’t get to talk to the only other girl in the class because she too was on the other side of the classroom. As I’ve learnt she’s a second year student whose name (I think) is Harriet (it’s not hard to ‘spot the girls name’ when the register is being called). So yeah, first day, came home completely knackered. Cold shower and went to bed. Then had to get up in a rush and change quickly and run downstairs to find some shoes when people arrived to pick me up for puppet practice (which I’d forgotten about), then back home, sorted out school stuff and went to bed.

Second day - Today
Not too bad. Had History first, made a couple of new friends - Becky (who I swear I’ve seen before but have never heard of her school) and Fay. Plus there were a couple of other people who came over to sit at our table and socialize, but it was after we’d already introduced ourselves and we were just starting the lesson so I don’t know names. I did see the profile sheet of the guy sitting next to me - Matthew, but I didn’t see the girl’s one as she was sitting at the end of the table. Oh yes, and I’ve got History homework to research stuff on Germany 1900-1915 or something along those lines. At the start of WW1. Yeah. Then double computing, not too bad, had our other teacher, both are… strange. Both old-ish and wave their hands a lot, and have other enthusiastic ways of speaking which make the two idiots in my class (surprising there seem to only be two) snigger, look at each other, grin, and make stupid comments under their breath, I think one of them was calling our teacher a slag, and just generally being annoying and making it hard for me to listen, several times a lesson I have the urge to throw something at them, but hey, that’s life. Also today Kate kept telling me that if anyone was bothering me I had ‘female power’ on my side as I had two female teachers. And she kept saying ‘you sure’ over and over when I was like ‘I’m fine’ so yeah. I was supposed to be doing an activity with one of the Chinese guys but they don’t really speak much (they’re twins and I don’t know their names let alone which is which…) so I sort of just did it on my own. Then later when we were on the computers I sort of vaguely got to know the guy sitting next to me who seemed nice, his name’s Steven, and as it turns out he’s also in my History and Maths classes, so that’s kind of cool. Had Psychology again after that, ok, though I did forget to read the sheet we were supposed to read last night (Was attempting to read the handbook instead and still get time for sleeping) but it all turned out fine, said hello to a girl called Alice who came and sat by me as she didn’t want to sit next to a random guy who stole her seat (or possibly the one next to her seat?). She seems quiet, but nice. Didn’t really get to say much as by the time we were both sat down, the lesson had begun. Yeah, so hopefully will be able to talk to her a bit more. Then lunch, then Tutorial with Jess (male), simple, hello, make sure you wear your identity card, ‘insert here’ is our other lesson, also it’s in another room ‘this’ is it, etc. Then went to the library, printed off my Maths handbook, I’ve got out a book on Germany for the History research, and all is... pretty good.


Tash said...

well your days really seem very choca block!! and it sounds like all your friends u made r quiet!!! not like us old ppl then eh?!! lol cya soon xXx

Hazelnut said...

lol, they're quiet but a lot of people seem to be at the moment. E.g. Chris thinks that Italie is quiet...
We'll see... yeah.