Sunday, August 20, 2006


I accidently slept in and missed church today... I think it might have something to do with the fact that I was up for a lot longer yesterday than most days. We had to get up at 5/5.30ish to go and pick mum up from the airport. I was trying out my new shoes because they're really cool and Carol told me I should just wear them because otherwise I'll end up never really wearing them because I'm not used to them. So I did, but they're about 2 inch or so heels (and fantastic!) so I was trying to walk really fast in them (especially because we went to the wrong terminal first...) but it was alright in the end, mum still hadn't even come out from arrivals yet (we left home about the time her plane was supposed to arrive). Yeah. Well she had a good time. She told us about the fact that Kuching is getting all sorts of ash and dust and stuff blown over from Indonesia where they're burning down their trees. Also that Kuching hasn't had rain in a week and is having to have water rationed and sugar also rationed. But they had plenty of sugar because Kim Kim (My Auntie Mary, but I call her Kim Kim - sort of pronounced like a k but sort of like a g...) was given a really large amount of it by a friend. Mum also was telling us about these crabs they were given by a friend of her brother's. 9 crabs, and crabs must be kept alive until they're cooked because otherwise they're not fresh and she said one escaped and hid under the cupboard and mum went to put on her sandals before they went to grab it and it was sitting on her sandals so they nabbed it, lol. Seems a bit different from here...

Anyway, yeah. So yesterday was quite eventful. Went to Wimbledon in the afternoon and went shopping - I tried out lots of jeans and found a pair that were v. comfy, and I got them, also Dad got me a really cool hat. There was one particular one I wanted but in the end we couldn't get it so I ended up getting a black, suede-type hat, I really like it :).

Me in my hat -->

And Carol ended up getting a cool hat too, which I actually half own, because we went into a shop to get a hat for me and came out with one for her (it was the second Accessorize where we got my hat) and Dad and Carol were going 'You can wear it too' and stuff. Yeah.

Haven't done that much recently... did a bit of baking, made a pink pavlova with a blue swirl on the top and a pretty summer fruits cheesecake on Friday.

<-- Blue Swirly Pav

And Cheesecake -->

Will be making a cake for Carol's birthday (monday - tomorrow) and will be setting up a treasure hunt for her late tonight so she has to get to the end to find her prezzie :P. So gonna spend the morning with her ("In the morning, I'm making waffles" - really, I actually am :D) and then she's buggering off to Sparkle's for the rest of the day.

So yeah, bit nervous about my results on Thurs, but still looking forward to them. Seems a bit strange, next thurs - results, thurs after - enrollment, thurs after - start of school. It's so close! Well hopefully all will go well. Must go now, lots to do.


ski said...

I want your cheesecake

Hazelnut said...

lol, sorry, it was all eaten. Perhaps I shall make another one sometime and let you have some :P :).