Sunday, August 13, 2006

Radioactive Quotations

Just a quick note, I've made a new blog to take all my quotes down on - Radioactive Quotations, so if you want to check out the quotes, that's where to go.

On a different note, just bought the Chronicles of Narnia on DVD (the new one) and so that's my evening planned, lol. Yeah, just got to go quickly add a couple of quotes to my new blog and then I can begin to watch it :D.


Tash said...

heylo, i'm most confused now coz your enrolment is at 2:30pm yet mine is at 12:15..and your name is before mine confusing!!!! and yea we can go in at any time on the 24th between 10 and 12... il be there at half9 nine then lol...xXxXx

Hazelnut said...

lol, I'll probs be there a bit before 10. That is a bit weird that yours is at 12.15... Well maybe they've just got a strange order...