Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm back

But not like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Back from Wales, where I've been since Tues, til Fri.
Trip was pretty good, reminded me of NZ, houses with actual colour, contrasting too sometimes, it was amazing! lol.
Went shopping in little towns - Cardigan and Newcastle Emblem (Name? I think that was it anyway...)
Bought 2 tops - a see through black mesh over neon (ish) blue mesh with a black heart long sleeved top (to be worn over a black tank top) and a purple gypsy type top, also to be worn over a black tank top. Both very nice. Also bought some really lovely earrings from this fantastic shop with bits and bobs - various amazing cool jewellery, lovely painted cards, various things like woodworks, little statues and stuff.
Also went to see a choc factory. Bit juvenile I think, it was the sort of thing that me and Carol already knew, if I'd seen it when I was a bit younger I think I would have enjoyed it more than now.

Bought Tannya a plate with a really cool badger scene on it. Bought Kat a little fairy model thing and bought Dan 'dragon droppings', aka jelly beans.

I don't really remember what else we did... not that much. We had been planning to go horse riding or bike riding or something like that but then we couldn't find a good place for beginner bike riders (e.g. any flat reasonably long road - very hilly, oh so NZ) and Carol didn't really want to horse ride. Plus of course I ended up falling over a couple of times and getting a bit scuffed up... which leads me to...

So far in the last two weeks I've managed to obtain several injuries. 2 bad bruises, one above my left knee, one below my right knee. Plus other much more superficial bruises on my lower back. These bruises were caused by me getting stuck upside down in a kayak underwater and trying to get out. Then in Wales I fell over outside Morrisons due to what Dad described as a 'very badly designed path', basically it was like a normal path except in the middle was a small v shapped gap, slightly separating the path into two. I didn't see this as I couldn't see past the shopping bag and was talking to Carol and therefore tripped, twisted my left ankle and got a large graze on my right knee which started bleeding a bit, which I found rather annoying. Later on I did the same thing again but when we were just walking around. This one was a bit worse, the path dipped a bit and stuff so I tripped again, got another graze but on my left knee this time with larger holes gushing blood. Fun fun fun. Also I sprained my right ankle. So much for me no longer being accident prone. Back in NZ I used to twist my ankles all the time and get injured fairly regularly. But I haven't really injured myself much at all in the last 4 years so it was a bit odd. Also I hurt my left wrist, Dad thinks it must be a torn ligament - due to the fact that we now know it's not a break - went to the hospital for an x-ray this morning. 2 hours and them forgetting me once before I got out with the wonderful deduction very nicely put: 'It's not broken. *Insert name of next patient*!' So yeah, not a good week for injuries.

But overall Wales was good.

Sixpence none the richer
Fantastic band. I've been listening to Carol's CD album 'Sixpence none the richer' (I know, very inventive name for the album) and have found it is great! I've always loved 'Kiss Me' but never really listened to the other stuff they've done til now. Now totally loving it. Pity it's on cassette, it means I have to get out the tape player to actually play it rather than ripping it to the computer.
Fave songs on the album: Easy to Ignore, The Lines of My Earth and Kiss Me.

Anyway, gotta go now, just seen the time. Time to sleep now (Or at least get reading til a time more suited for sleeping).


Tash said...

heyloo! Sounds liks you had fun in Wales- minus the injuries of course....!!! But you and Chelsea always seemed to be the ones falling over in netball too so you never lost all your accident prone ness lol
I agree with your choice in band! Sixpence none the richer are cool, although like you I've only heard Kiss Me...hmm...must download the others....Hope to see you soon, ciao xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hazelnut said...

:o 'You and Chelsea always seemed to be the ones falling over in netball'
So not true! I fell over like twice in the last 2 years!
I've lost my accident-proneness I just have the occasional slip up, lol. I was far worse in NZ when I'd twist my ankle at least once a month, lol.

ski said...

haha ok, yea, I'm still accident prone- on holiday, I broke my little toe, friction burned my stomach and both elbows from my board and got my head banged with Dan and James boards, AND got a stone stuck in my knee and didn't notice til there was blood everywhere lol.

Hazelnut said...

Ouch, sounds painful... But it mustn't have been too bad if you didn't notice it lol.