Friday, July 14, 2006

Random Update

Hello :) I feel rather random today. Not quite sure why... Ooh, bought the 'oink' strawberry flavoured chocolate bar from Thorntons earlier, hadn't had one of those since like last year or something. It's fantastic!
Have a few new favourites - New favourite song (well at least for this week): Lay your hands - Simon Webbe
And 'new' definate favourite food for the mo: Homemade Spinach lasagna - I don't think I could ever get sick of it, and it's healthy-ish! (Ok I might be sick of it if I had to only eat it and nothing else for a year but otherwise... it's great :D)

Lol, just remembered something Johannes said ages ago - "I like non sequiturs, like asparagus and metalogy"
Pure genius :P. And I agree with Phillip's comment that it's quite hard to find non sequiturs sometimes because you keep thinking of obscure links, lol.

I've got out several cook books from the library and have been baking a couple of things, I made Carrot Cakes (Just one cake sliced up into ickle cakes) which was very very nice :) and I made Lemon Drizzle cake which was too sweet because of all the icing (Never thought I'd say that, I'm quite a sweet tooth) Yeah, too much sugar...

Looking at the cook books there are several things I want to try, I've written them down in a list which I will post here because there's not much else to do...
  1. Brandy Snaps (Pg 19, Luscious Afternoon Teas)
  2. Lemon Drizzle cake (Pg 63, Luscious Afternoon Teas) - Done
  3. Blueberry muffins (Pg 12, Muffins and small cakes) - blueberry muffins are always good
  4. Cheesecakes (Pg 76, Muffins and small cakes)
  5. Buttermilk scones (Pg 82, Muffins and small cakes) - Not going to do these as the English seem to not understand the buttermilk exists and therefore do not stock it in their supermarkets
  6. Carrot cakes (Pg 84, Muffins and small cakes) - Done
  7. Jewel cake (Pg 112, Cakes and Cake Decorating)
  8. Also would like to do a plain sponge or madeira as I love madiera and haven't made a sponge since I was about 10.
  9. Oh and a Ladybird cake (Pg 174, Cakes and Cake Decorating) - but only for a special Carol occasion as she has a thing for ladybirds :)

Have been reading bits of 'Watching the English' which is an anthropogigal book about the English, hidden rules etc. Such as the 'weather talk' and how you have weather talk to break the ice like 'Ooh, nice day isn't it' or 'Rather cold today isn't it' and then a positive reply even if it contradicts itself like 'Yes it is quite chilly' or 'Yes, but I don't really feel the cold much so it feels quite warm'. And other stuff like the compliment rules, with women it tends to be compliment and counter compliment like 'Oh your hair looks lovely, I wish I had hair like that, my hair's terrible' and 'Oh no, I think it's really nice, my hair's all straight and boring'. Whereas with men it's 'Mine's better than yours'. And how guys are typically not able to gossip - or that's the front they put up anyway lol. Yeah, haven't read that much, not sure if I will read any more as I've got lots more to read too...

Nicked Carol's book that she got out and read it (til about 2am this morning before going to sleep...), It's called 'Next Best thing' and it's really good, about this woman who's actually really underappreciated but doesn't realise it sometimes and has a daughter with her partner Will whom she lives with, she falls in love with this guy she meets at the theatre, later discovers he's engaged to one of her friends (but only because he feels he has to get married because being his age and not married people start wondering if there's something wrong with you or you're gay) but she doesn't want to break it off with Will because she hates the thought of Liberty (her daughter) being brought up without both parents together. Yeah, she's with Will til like the third to last page or something when (after Rupert - the guy she's in love with - has broken off the engagement with Lydia - the rather vain and non-domestic friend) she leaves him (though does say he can see Liberty whenever she likes and isn't going to bug him for money or anything like that) and goes to live with Rupert. Aww... I love romance novels :P.

Yeah, so I've got more of those type (but not quite as gooey as that one I think) of books to read over the holidays.

Going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 tonight with friends, that should be good. Don't really like 'scary' parts but the Jack Sparrow comedy should make up for it, lol. The trailer was really cool, one bit which I was amused at was this: "Elizabeth, that outfit really does not flatter you, it should be a dress or nothing. I happen to have no dress in my cabin" - Jack. Oh, and Elizabeth - "You know, there will come a time when you have the chance to do what's right" Jack - "I love those moments, I like to wave at the as they pass by" (Note: These are not exact quotes) So yeah, fun :)

Oh yes and I might be going to NZ a bit earlier than I thought :o, but not for that long if I do cause Dad was going to have to pay this guy about $6000 to dig drainage stuff in one of our houses (My first house - which is now rented out) and Dad thinks it might be better for me and him to go over and him to do it because then it doesn't cost much more (if anything) and I get to go over which I've been wanting to do for aaaages, without spending extra money and stuff. Only thing is finding a cheap-ish flight in one of the right time periods and making sure that Sarah will be in NZ when we want to go as that's a very major point in me going there as I would sort of like to see my best friend that I haven't seen in about 4 years...

So yeah, at the moment, Life is good.


Tash said...

the film was really good! sorry if I scared you when I screamed!!! Was funny though, finished late though, I thought it was gonna finish at like half9 not 10:15 lol Zzzzz.....

Hazelnut said...

lol, I think it finished late because of the amount of trailers, I forgot to add that time last time so possibly... I dunno, something like that. Yeah, it was quite good though I was a bit disappointed at the ending, want to see the next one asap lol. xxx