Monday, July 31, 2006

The pigeon or the statue?

Some days I'm the pigeon, other's I'm the statue. But in general I'm just a bit like a rather confused frozen pigeon...

Today was one of those days. I don't really know what I feel like, sort of just very confused and tired. I spent the morning talking over video call to Sarah in NZ which was good catching up even if we only talked about films really and Johnny Depp in various films lol. Then went off to town, got the passport sized photos I needed and cut them up, put one in the student train fare thingy I need to send off tomorrow and I stuck one on the form which I got from the Post Office (after waiting for like half an hour in the increasingly long queue) to get an Oyster Card - seeing as I've lost mine and have no idea where to find it as I've tidied everywhere and it still seems non-existent. So I went home, stuck everything together in an envelope for the train fare thingy and filled out the form for the oyster card, stuck on my photo, now I've got to wait til tomorrow night when Dad'll be back to make him sign it then I need to take my passport down to the Post Office, wait in an inevitably long queue again and sort it all out, send it off and please please please recieve my oyster card as soon as humanly possible.
Other things I did in town were buy lunch at Greggs, that was nice, went to the library, swapped some books, realised I had an overdue book - music score- but will have to return that tomorrow, was due three days ago, normally my books aren't overdue but with stuff going on I haven't been to the library in quite a while. Um... also went to Oxfam when I was on my way to the Post Office and ended up buying Pride and Prejudice (79p) which I've read but wanted a copy of for quite a while and also the book of Small Talk (also 79p) which Dan got Tannya for her birthday so I've read it (well Dan read it to me - it was my idea as I found the book when we were shopping for her present so I obviously approve) but I wanted to get it anyway as it was cheap (originally £3.99) and was in pretty good condition and I wouldn't mind reading it again. It's a fantastic little book with rather amusing comments from various children between the ages of 4 and 11-ish and their views on Romance/Marriage, God, Family, Pets, Babies and I think that's it... Yeah so comments like: "My grandad said he doesn't like women so we got him a cat" and (Dan and Tannya's fave): "Mums have to love their babies in case when they grow up everyone hates them" or something of the like.
Walked into town and back out so that was good, normally I only walk one way and bus back but I made myself walk back because it's good for me.
So yeah all in all my day was pretty good but then I felt all depressed and stuff when I came home and I'm not even sure why so then I ate ice cream (I tend to comfort eat, which is not a good habit when I'm comfort eating from being teased about my weight lol, but I cope), I think it might have been because some random guy on a motorbike went 'hey fat girl' as I was walking home or because I saw that idiotic girl from the school I used to go to who thinks it is very amusing to call me ching chong and laugh at me, she also once poked me in the bum with a pencil on my way out of school, I think it must be because of my half chinese ethnicity as 'ching chong' seems to be her way of expressing her feelings for the chinese, a rather stupid version of a perfectly intricate and on my part I think rather interesting language which I'd like to learn sometime if possible. How mature of her.
Aah, how nice it feels to rant. Feel quite a lot better now actually *grins*
So yeah, watched parts of 'A walk to remember' again today whilst writing a to do list of what I want to complete these holidays:
  1. Do more crafty stuff (like arty crafty not sly crafty, though that could be fun) - cards, possibly start scrapbooking or something.
  2. Go swimming
  3. Earn and Save money - choose a target and a deadline (Have decided on trying to save £30 between now and results day for my GCSEs - so far I'm on £5 and have about £1.50 or something left in my wallet lol)
  4. Eat more fruit, veg and drink more water (I've got out a book on how to conceal veggies in food, technically so 'your kids' will eat it without realising but I just want to read it, no matter whether I use it for meals for me or not it should be quite useful to read anyway.
  5. Apply/Get Oyster Card - working on this one
  6. Apply for Student Train Card - just need to post off the letter tomorrow
  7. Do more paintings - Family? Wall/Hall of Fame idea? (Dan's idea that I should put all my ideas together as a 'wall of fame' sort of thing, only problem is that all my acrylic portraits so far have been done as presents and therefore given away to various friends. But I could always try and start one, I find it hard to do paintings with no particular purpose so if I made this my purpose then.. it could work!)
  8. Write a list of all the books I've read (Realised this is probably a rather ridiculous thing to try and do as I'm sure I've read at least 200 books if not 300 so will not be able to remember them all. Might start recording which ones I'm reading from now on and whether they were good or not etc. Might do little reviews on some of them if I can be bothered)
  9. Any more baking? (Sort of gave up on baking for a while and I'm not sure if I'm going to try to do anymore these hols, might do but probably not much if I do decide to)
  10. Write a list of things I want to complete in my lifetime (Started this one, again it'll have to be a work in progress I think)

So yeah, I feel like I've completed quite a bit today and yeah... (Just realised how much I say 'yeah' how strange) So I'm off now, too many books to read and should really get to bed oh yes and I need dinner. Forgot about that. I'm sure I can make something...

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