Sunday, July 30, 2006

Catching up...

Well... where to start. I'll start from today and work backwards.
Today I've done very little, woke up 5 minutes after I was supposed to be at church for welcome team and sort of raced out of the house after changing clothes and grabbing my bag from last night which had essentials (keys, wallet, phone). Went to church, handed out the bulletins then went out with the kids to help out with the sports day thingy, there were practically more helpers than there were kids at the beginning! But then quite a few left when they realised they weren’t needed and stuff because some wanted to be there but others were just coming because they thought more helpers were necessary. So yeah, stayed in there, did very little but enjoyed watching the kids having fun. They had a sack race in which one of the boys leaped out of his sack on the last bound and came second (out of 4), along the way he hadn’t held up the sack and so had been jumping with it around his ankles… Rather odd child but yes. They also had an egg and spoon race which was amusing to watch, games with beanbags - balancing them on their heads while racing and at the end one of those games where the kids sit in two lines and each have 2 ‘names’ which when they hear them they run around the line and back to their places, I think it’s a version of ladders, but in this group they were being told a story about the zoo and stuff and some were various animals others were humans (named after the group leaders and ‘the zookeeper’) and so had to run around when they heard their names. The story was about a little escape when the group visited the zoo and they had to recapture the animals and put them back in their cages and at the end it all turned out to be a joke by two of the leaders who started it off by releasing the monkeys. So yeah lol.

Yesterday I went to Rosie's dress up 16th birthday party, got there at 3.10 pm ish. And that was fun, we played pin the tail on the donkey (or rather stick the sticker of a tail on the picture of the donkey) and I didn't get on the poster, whoops lol. Kat should have won I think, I put my sticker on about 2 inches from the side of the poster, Kat's was on the fence around the corner from the poster lol. Also played pass the parcel, Claire won a toy car and Dan won a pretty, girly pink headband (which he wore for quite a while lol). Oh yes, Dan came as the mad hatter (I made the hat, he designed it :) difficult to walk through doors with it on though lol, with lots of playing cards stuck to it, I've got it now since Dan didn't really want it. The walking stick I made got a bit shredded as the evening went on, lol, as we expected and I've got the cardboard monocle too - Dan looked good, will put pics up somewhere...) and I came as Alice (black dress, shrug and white apron). Curt dressed as a chav - from 'Pirates of the Chavibbean' as Dan put it, Kat was a fairy (with great wings!), Tannya and Bizkit were pirates, Clarky was just normal but he got away with it as I think he only got back from Florida that morning or the night before, um... Rosie was Minnie Mouse but then ended up as a strange cross between several outfits as she wore the rubber bikini thingy on a belt that Luke brought her, Luke was a vampire, Graeme wasn't anything I don't think, same with Carly, Emma was told to tell everyone she was from princess diaries (just in a pretty blue velvet dress, could have been from several things), Claire came as a cowgirl and Sam came in a gorgeous turquoise sari but ended up wearing bits of everyone's costumes, my apron, Claire's sparkly purple cowgirl hat, Clarky's glasses (just while he played pin the tail on the donkey), Tannya's t-shirt (don't worry she had a tank top on underneath lol), Kat's wings, Bizkit's belt, Dan's hat (before she got Claires, then she wore Dan's monocle on the wire as a necklace instead), Rosie's underwear belt, Emma's shoes and Carly's hairband. Not sure if she had stuff from the others. So yeah overall it was pretty good, quite fun, though right at the end of the evening (10ish), entertainment dwindled to people playing pass the icecube... how hygienic. So yeah, then left, got a little sleep and yeah.

Friday was Kat's party and it didn't go quite as well as hoped, Kat had a good time which is the main thing, it was supposed to be sort of Tannya's party too but now Tannya's saying she's going to have a little thing nxt fri down by the river or something. But yeah, so basically everyone piled into this cramped-ish flat, the lounge had porn posters which were rather vomit-inducing, I ended up in the kitchen as it was a little cooler (it was really stuffy in the flat), there was little smoke and my friends ended up in there. Some people left early -Tash and Graham, not sure who else, and I can't say I really blame them. I stayed in the kitchen for the whole evening with Tannya and Dan and various other people, apart from when they went out with other people to get air - or rather so the others could buy fags, I couldn't get out of the house as people blocked my way and stuff so I just went back to the kitchen. So all in all it wasn't that great. Dan and Tannya thought they were staying over somewhere but then Kat didn't really tell them where or offer anywhere else so I asked and they were allowed to sleep over at mine. We sort of only got about 2 hours sleep but had some rants watched a DVD (Princess Diaries 2, with Dan’s morbid commentary - ‘What if she died now. She dies, the end, what a happy little story’ - fair enough as we had to force him to watch it, lol), found out the Dan and Tannya’s ‘inner princesses’ are dreamers and they’d better not have their heads in the clouds as to miss their true love. Lol, rather amusing. So yeah the sleepover made up for the bit of boredom at the party (Not blaming Kat) and was very fun :D.

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