Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Introduction Day

It was introduction day today at the college I'm going to in September, I really enjoyed it and it's helped me decide on my choices for A levels.
The sessions I took were History, Art, Maths, Psychology and Information Technology.
History was quite an amusing session, the teacher was very enthusiastic :D, I'm definately taking History and I'm taking the Political Course as I'm far more interested in the Nazis and Lenin than the other stuff, there's the American Course but I don't like the New Deal or the Cold War so I didn't want to do that and the Tudor Course but I didn't really want to do that either because I'm not as interested. So yeah, session one was pretty good.
Art and Design - Fine Art was good, I've now decided pretty much definately not to take it, it'll be too much work on top of everything else and I don't like doing quite so much design work. I know I'd be sure to learn so many new techniques and maybe find a new favourite medium but I think I'll just try to find them out on my own.
Maths was pretty good too, didn't really learn anything new, though I'm possibly going to go for the 'Pure Maths' AS rather than the 'Maths' (with Stats or Mechanics) AS because it would be more challenging, more algebra (I think) and probably overall better for me.
Psychology I really liked, the guy taking it was a bit mad, slightly scary but in a good way sort of. I found it really interesting and I think I meet most of the criteria he suggested for taking the AS - I don't mind/am alright at essay writing, I don't mind things that never have yes/no answers, I like/am good at maths so yeah I think I'll probably take this instead of Art.
And lastly, IT wasn't too bad, the teacher wasn't too great, she was rather enthusiastic if a little repetitive but yeah. Looking at the sheet she gave us and a little of the info she talked about I think I'll probably take computing instead because it's more html/webpage design/programming though it'll be harder I think I'd enjoy it more, I do like spreadsheets and stuff but I think I'd find computing more interesting.
Wish I'd gone to AS/A2 German but I didn't really have the space and didn't know if I should go as I'm planning to do GCSE - I could have taken it instead of History but I didn't really think about it...

So when I applied I put down: AS Maths, AS ICT, AS Fine Art, AS History - Dictators and GCSE German
Now I'm thinking I want to do: AS Pure Maths, AS Computing, AS Psychology, AS History - Dictators and GCSE German.

So all in all it was a useful day.

After coming back from the college I wandered round with some friends, ended up at the park and after a while walked home - totally baked, don't seem to have burned which is good. Not too much else planned for this week. Must go now, Carol's chess set beckons.

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ski said...

twas a shame i couldn't go to it i would've liked that but ah well, i rang the college and they said it wasn't essential :-(