Sunday, June 04, 2006


In general.

Oh, went to Dan/Tash's party on Friday and it was fantastic! :D Lots of fun, can't be bothered to write about it right now so just yeah, I really enjoyed it. And v. happy they liked my prezzies :), Gave Tash a painting I did of her and gave Dan some Minstrels and a book I made with lots of quotes from the last two years, printed photos and random stuff. Hehe, tis goodly :).

Have been feeling a bit nyer though, I think it must be coz of unhealthiness, I've not been eating at all healthy, I think it's called... comfort food, but it's not good... Yeah so I've done a plan thingy for stuff, it includes - Ideas of what to eat every day, Revision to be done every day, Exercise to be done every day and any other random notes I thought of (Like 'Drink lots of water', 'buy more apples' and 'learn how to make spinach lasagna').

So that's pretty good :). Feel a bit more under control now. Need to get some sleep tonight. Gotta dry my hair... Goodnight.


ski said...

I spoke to tash today and i said 'did you like the painting hazel did?' and she was like 'yea, its amazing!! i couldn't even draw a circle!' lol
twas very good. if you want to do one for my birthday, i don't mind...
it was so embarassing in the exam hall today!! i couldn't find my seat anywhere!!

Hazelnut said...

lol, yeah. you kept wandering round looking confuzzled :P