Friday, June 16, 2006

I feel pretty, Oh so pretty

Hehe, I have a lovely skirt that makes me feel pretty :). And makes me look pretty too, well, pretty for me anyway, which is nice. Mum bought it for me when we went shopping on Monday, she also bought me a kimono-type black and white top which is coolies, I got some cargo-type grey-blue trousers and a red cap-sleeved top - the cap-sleeves are lacy-ish and it's got the crimpy bit in the middle top part of the front. They're all really nice clothes, thank you very much to mum - best way to shop, with someone else's money :).
Computer's been spazzy lately, this is why I haven't blogged, it doesn't let me go on the internet sometimes, really annoying.
Well I've done most of my exams now, just three left, Physics tomorrow, RE - Sikhism next Wednesday and Statistics on Thursday. Then it's all over! Can't wait, lol.

Look good, Feel good, it's all good :).


ski said...

which shops (french-magasins) did u go 2??
I have french reading 2mz and sikhism wednesday then i am finished wooo!!!

Hazelnut said...

Shops um... M+S, Matalan (Where I got the skirt/kimono-type top) and BHS (Where I got the trousers and the red top).
Just two exams left for me! :) Wed - Sikhism, Thur - Stats.

ski said...

hehe i finish before you!!