Saturday, May 06, 2006

Poem from Chelsea

Chelsea wrote me a poem and put it in my leaving book, I was rather amused :) So now I am going to put it here too so you all may enjoy her poetic talent.

Hazel, Hazel - It's always the quiet one,
We're soon to be leaving - I'm gonna miss you, hun!
Don't go to New Zealand, don't leave us now,
Remember my tennis incident and funny sounding 'Ow'

You're the one always reading books,
Whilst I am always worrying over my looks,
I've learnt a lot from you - but can I eat your brain?
You've taught me not to be quite so vain!

Continue on writing on your blog and your site,
So I can see when people go wrong or go right
Keep being yourself - being mates with you rocks,
I want to steal your long, dark locks!

Lol, Very nice dearie :)
Oh yeah, just a note, the tennis incident was today, she hit her hand with the tennis racket when swinging for the ball - her hand happened to be in the way - and on the way to the medical room she was making funny whimpering sounds without the 'in pain' face, sort of 'ooh, ooh, oooe', it sounded really funny, even made her laugh despite the pain.


ski said...

owww, the pain!!! i am so stupid. that was like last week. my fingers are starting to be less purple now. people can't hold my right hand though or it hurts

Hazelnut said...